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No Civil Rights in the event of a Swine Flu “Emergency” September 15, 2009

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If you live in the state of Massachusetts and aren’t comfortable with vaccinating you may be in for a rude awakening if Swine Flu is declared an emergency. 

Upon declaration by the governor that an emergency exists which is detrimental to the public health or upon declaration of a state of emergency…” reads the “Pandemic Response Bill” 2028, which was passed by the MA Senate this April and is now awaiting approval in the House.  What happens in an emergency?  In the words of Mike Adams of Natural News, “This bill suspends virtually all Constitutional rights of Massachusetts citizens and forces anyone “suspected” of being infected to submit to interrogations, “decontaminations” and vaccines.”  That’s the sort version.  To get the full scoop, see Mike Adam’s piece “Wake up, America” or this article at World Net Daily.  You can also read the actual bill here

This bill has been slammed as “medical facism” and for creating a “police state.”  There are those who argue that such drastic measures are necessary, comparing the Swine Flu to the plague.  The bill is shocking, especially in the face of the facts:  swine flu is NOT more deadly than regular flu and the swine flu vaccine is NOT as safe or as carefully tested as regular flu shots (see Swine Flu:  A Dangerous Shot in the Dark).  What we have here is a frenzy of fear and hype snowballing into shockingly un-American policy.  If you live in MA, contact your legislators in the House to let them know how you feel about this bill.

If you live in Florida, North Carolina, Iowa or Washington, be aware that your state has also taken legal action in response to the H1N1 virus.  You can find details at World Net Daily towards the end of the article.   


Swine Flu Vaccine – A Dangerous Shot in the Dark August 13, 2009

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The whole Swine Flu situation has seemed fishy from the beginning.  Why has the media continually spread intense fear about a flu that is no more dangerous than a regular flu?  Now word goes out that Swine Flu vaccine may be administered to all children in public schools, as part of a mass-vaccination plan to curb this “epidemic.”

Take pause.  Not only is this kind of action unprecedented, it’s not safe.  The Swine Flu is a “live virus” vaccine that has undergone minimal testing.  It contains VERY serious, suspect ingredients – more so than typical childhood vaccines.  As a live virus vaccine, those who are vaccinated can actually spread the flu to those who are not.  The contagious nature of live virus vaccines is not contested at all.  It’s just supposed to be irrelevant because everyone should get vaccinated.  Problem is, vaccines do not work for everyone who receives them and everyone should not be vaccinated or will not be vaccinated. 

Here’s a true epidemic of swine flue in the making.  But that’s not the worst part – here’s a frightening use of government clout and media scare tactics that leaves drug makers rolling in the dough.  And what will be the long term health results of distributing such a vaccine to the general population, including the vulnerable pregnant mom and her young children?  Frighteningly unknown.

I decided to post about this today after reading a few documents “DOZENS OF EXPERTS AND WORLD LEADERS
REBUKE FEDERAL FLU VACCINATIONS AND QUARANTINE CAMPS CITING RISKS AND UNPROVEN BENEFITS” and “A HARD LOOK AT MANDATORY LIVE VIRUS VACCINATIONS – WHAT’S REALITY AND WHAT TO DO”.  Both documents can be found Here, along with a sample letter to send to your politician, if you’d like to take action. 

The documents are long, so if you don’t have time to read, here are some excerpts that I found relevant:

  • The swine flu appears to have been laboratory generated…. This current swine flu is at best between 4-8% a match in terms of genetic material to its closest genetic relatives and there is no remotely close match in the public NIH databases… Aware of these insider facts, a significant number of virologists and other health professionals and scientists stated that this had to be produced in a laboratory and could not occur naturally.
  • It normally takes a minimum of 12-18 months to create a vaccine after a virus has been identified. How is it that Baxter Laboratories, after receiving the seed culture of the swine flu virus that was provided in May 2009, announced that they would have the vaccine ready by July of 2009.
  • There literally is no data for this vaccine as per its use in children, pregnant women, and asthmatics.
  • According to the London Evening Standard, WHO officials have warned that H1N1 vaccines may be unsafe. The Institute of Science and Society has said that the vaccines will be far more deadly than the swine flu, and that mass vaccinations are a recipe for disaster.
  • During the 1976 swine flu scare, the swine flu vaccine itself killed hundreds & sickened countless others, and had an unusually high rate of Guillain-Barre Syndrome associated with it.
  • Swine Flu ingredients include:  squalene, animal tissues, viral proteins, foreign DNA and RNA, formaldehyde, live genetically-engineered viruses, and mercury.
  • Side effects from vaccine fillers and adjuvants—especially squalene— include a variety of debilitating auto-immune diseases and a significant percentage of deaths. Squalene, condemned congressional investigators in 2004, is indicated as the primary cause of tens of thousands of deaths, and hundreds of thousands of chronic cases of Gulf War-related illnesses.
  • The CDC claims 36,000 Americans annually die from flu. As of August 2009, the swine flu has killed approximately 1,000 people worldwide, according to CNN, which is a lot less than 36,000. This is hardly a traditionally defined pandemic in terms of numbers, yet there has been a major media fear/panic, which preps the people to take this untested and potentially lethal flu vaccine without even a freedom of choice.
  • This unprecedented Department of Health’s 2009 flu response plan calls for people—especially children—to receive three or four different live flu virus vaccines simultaneously.
  • Substantive research shows all flu vaccinations have little to no effect on preventing or minimizing the flu.
  • The science by our own CDC (Center of Disease Control) shows that flu vaccines are somewhere between 0-14% effective. Research in Israel shows they are 1% effective with a general lowering of the immune system.

I repeat, these bullet points are excerpts from the documents cited above.  To examine the studies and sources that lead to these conclusions please read the documents Here.  If you’re a parent interested in a fair, unbiased explanation of vaccines, read Dr. Sears’ The Vaccine Book.  Dr. Sear’s book manages to inform without pushing a parent to vaccinate or refrain from vaccinating.

For more information on the risks of Swine Flu Vaccine see:

Vaccines: Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccine Risks

How Safe is the Swine Flu Vaccine?

Swine Flu Vaccine Should Not Be Given to Children in Schools


Anger Towards the Anti-Vaccine & Informed Consent Movements May 19, 2009

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Nature Moms’ Blog posted an interesting article: Anger Towards the Anti-Vaccine & Informed Consent Movements this last week.  She commented on a recently aired episode of Law and Order Special Victims Unit, in which the mother of an unvaccinated child goes on trial for negligent homicide.  Definitely worth reading, regardless of your stance on routine vaccinations.  The discussion that follows her post is also quite lively!


Hot Topic: What they Don’t Tell you about Vaccination Dangers February 3, 2009

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Have you done your research on vaccines?  It’s a complex, sometimes intimidating topic, but as parents there’s no escaping it.  Either you trust the American Pediatrics Society and do them all on schedule (or mostly on schedule…), or you have to dive in to the research to draw your own conclusions. 

An excellent, non-alarmist vaccine book is Dr. Sear’s “The Vaccine Book”.  If you want all the info and several options for how to/if to vaccinate, that’s the book for you.  I read this book spring of 2008 with a local book club.  All of the mothers found it helpful, although we did settle on differing plans for our families.

BUT, if you don’t have the time to read a book and you’re wondering if there really is anything to worry about anyways, I just came across an excellent article.  It’ll give you a snapshot of some of the issues: how vaccines are made, what happens to the brain when vaccinations are injected, and some ideas for safer vaccinating practices.  Please read what Russell L. Blaylock, MD, world-renowned board-certified surgeon and author, has to share about vaccines in his article What They Don’t Tell You About Vaccination Dangers

You owe it to your children to be informed about this issue.  Once you vaccinate, there is no taking it back.  If you’re pregnant, do the research now.  Your baby would normally receive a first shot in the hospital and several more at the 2 month appointment.  Now is the time to become informed!


Green Our Vaccine’s Rally June 10, 2008

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Last week a group led by Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey gathered in DC to share their concern at the “Green Our Vaccine’s” rally.  The organizers believe children are receiving “too many, too soon.” They feel vaccines are too toxic and they would like all toxins eliminated from vaccines. They believe a safer vaccine supply and schedule is possible.

This blog shares some powerful photos of the rally and its message: 140 Pictures speak 140,000 words.

While I’m not sure I agree that vaccines can be truly detoxified, it’s great to see people taking a stand to demand that the vaccine industry take steps towards that goal. If only we could adopt the perspective that injected diseases (i.e. vaccines) must be proven safe, rather than that they must be proven dangerous.


The Vaccination Debate: A Startling Response March 27, 2008

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This February, Dr. Rahul K. Parikh published an article in Pediatrics (the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics) titled “Fighting for the Reputation of Vaccines: Lessons From American Politics“.  In the article, Parikh discusses the rise of parental concern over the safety of vaccines and suggest that vaccine proponents must take a more emotionally charged approach to combating these concerns.  In other words, Parikh says that the CDC (Center for Disease Control) needs to use a little less science and logic and a little more propaganda if it hopes to win over parents who no longer trust vaccines. 

You may expect that Parikh’s article is itself the startling response, but actually I was referring to this comment submitted online to the Pediatric article.  The author of this comment is a chemist and a father whose child is autistic:

“Parents get angry when they see the following numbers listed on the internet. These numbers have been out there for everyone to read for years. They are mathamatical facts backed by references. The way to quell parental fears would be for someone like Dr. Parikh to address these numbers. Using propaganda is not going to work and only makes the situation worse.

0.5 parts per billion (ppb) mercury = Kills human neuroblastoma cells (Parran et al., Toxicol Sci 2005; 86: 132-140).

2 ppb mercury = U.S. EPA limit for drinking water

20 ppb mercury = Neurite membrane structure destroyed (Leong et al., Neuroreport 2001; 12: 733-37).

200 ppb mercury = level in liquid the EPA classifies as hazardous waste.

25,000 ppb mercury = Concentration of mercury in the Hepatitis B vaccine, administered at birth in the U.S., from 1990-2001.

50,000 ppb Mercury = Concentration of mercury in multi-dose DTaP and Haemophilus B vaccine vials, administered 4 times each in the 1990’s to children at 2, 4, 6, 12 and 18 months of age. Current “preservative” level mercury in multi-dose flu (94% of supply), meningococcal and tetanus (7 and older) vaccines. This can be confirmed by simply analyzing the multi- dose vials.” 

After wading through those numbers I have two thoughts:

  1. The CDC massively failed those children of the 90’s who were exposed to so much mercury through vaccine after vaccine.  Regardless of whether those children are diagnosed with autism, mercury is a neurotoxin.  Period.
  2. I don’t get flu shots, and neither do my children.  I understand that the flu is a disease that kills.  I also understand that the flu shot doesn’t necessarily protect you from the flu.  It particularly failed this year.  While we are healthy and have access to medical support in the case of a serious infection, I’ll take my chances with the flu over injected mercury any day.  I have heard that there is a flu shot available without mercury.  If you choose to get the shot, be sure to request a mercury-free version. 

With my own children, we practice delayed and selective vaccinations.  The vaccination issue is one of the most difficult and challenging aspects of conscientous parenting, in my opinion.  I believe that the decision to vaccinate or not to vaccinate should be made on a disease by disease bases individually for each child, since there are so many factors to consider, such as the child’s health, nutrition, and liklihood of exposure.  For more on the issue, I recommend Dr. Sears new book “The Vaccine Book”.