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Cloth diapers are Green June 10, 2008

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It comes up over and over again, “Are cloth diapers really better for the environment than disposables?”  Popular magazines, newspapers and disposable diaper manufacturers often come to the conclusion that it’s a toss up, environmentally, between cloth and disposable diapers.  I think this is laughable!  Here’s a link to Green Baby Diapers, in which one of my favorite bloggers quite succinctly explains why cloth is sooooooo much greener.

Now don’t get overwhelmed at the end of Tiffany’s blog post, when she starts listing and recommending different cloth diapers.  I know that the challenge of choosing a cloth diaper can be quite paralizing.  Just go with BumGenius One-Size diapers.  You won’t be sorry.  I explain why they’re best here.  It’s found in part of my website called “Cloth Diapers Explained”.


Klean Kanteen goes Kolor! June 3, 2008

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Today it arrived at – our shipment of Klean Kanteen’s new colored Sippy Cups.  Woohoo!  I’m talking pink, orange, brown, moss, blue.  Oh, the choices!  I’m glad to see Klean Kanteen pick up on the BPA-free momentum by creating a more fun, outgoing version of their popular stainless steel sippy cups.  These babies are going to be hot and we only have a few of each color.  We can’t get more until August, so you’d better get yours now!  What “kolor” will you choose?

Now for some technical stuff.  In a previous post I revealed that my favorite BPA-free sippy cup is the Foogo cup.  I have been using the Foogo, Safe Sippy, and Klean Kanteen sippy cups for months now.  I still love that the Foogo cup is insulated, but it has lost points with continued use.  I now own 4 cups total between our house and Grandma’s.  Some of the Foogo cups are really touchy on assembly.  If the four-part sippy spout system is not pressed together just right, the cups leak badly.  Otherwise, the cups still look pretty, and Liam loves his. I’ve already expressed my gripes with the Safe Sippy, so I won’t repeat them here. 

As for the Klean Kanteen, it is slowly growing in my estimation.  I appreciate that it’s sippy spout system is very easy to assemble and that it never, ever, ever leaks.  I just wish it was insulated.  But, that’s where a Built NY Tote comes in handy.  Now that Klean Kanteen is doing color, I wish I had a reason to get another sippy cup.  I’d have to go for the orange.  It’s a warm, gentle orange that makes me think of pumpkin pie.   Yum!



Get Your Free Cloth Shopping Bag! May 22, 2008

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Today I discovered the self-dubbed “Green Bag Lady “.  This “bag” lady makes cloth shopping bags for people – for free – in an effort to cut down on the ridiculous number of plastic bags our society consumes.  It’s really as good as it sounds.  You just ask for a free bag, she ships you one, and you promise to use it!   I was tempted to request one, but I’m already stocked with canvas shopping bags.  So, I will live vicariously through you.  Go, get your free Green Bag Lady bag!

P.S. Do you have unused fabric just sitting in your closets?  Send it to the Green Bag Lady!  She makes her bags only from donated fabrics. 


20% off at! May 15, 2008

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Mamas, I just came across this 20% off discount that I had to share!  If you’re planning to buy a reusable, stainless drinking bottle or a SIGG, you should take advange of this coupon for  Reusable Bags is the most popular site for safe, reusable drinking options and they have lots of other great products too.

1. Visit
2. Add desired items to cart
3. Proceed through check-out
4. Redeem your special code: Enter the following  code in the Gift Certificates/ Discount Coupons section: 102275.
5. Complete check out process (discount will be shown before confirming the order).

Special offer is valid from 5-1-08 to 5-28-08. One use per customer.

My family uses the Guyot bottle (100% BPA Free in Stainless Steel), which is most like the Nalgene (but not plastic!).  I’ve also been eyeing those adorable lunchboxes by Mimi the Sardine lately.  If only my daughter needed one…


Foogo – The Ultimate BPA-Free Sippy Cup February 28, 2008

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We’ve been there, ladies.  You know what I mean.  We bought them, used them, washed them.  Some leaked.  Other’s were a pain to wash.  Still others couldn’t pass the “drop” test.  And the winner is… Foogo, by a mile!

First Years Take ‘n Toss Sippy Cup ($3):  These plastic sippy cups are bpa-free and cheap, but that’s about all I can say for them.  They wear out easily if you have a toddler that likes to chew on the cup.  Worst still, they pop open when dropped. 

Sigg Baby Water Bottle ($16):  This adorable water bottle is enticing.  It’s an aluminum bottle with an inert, water-based epoxy lining.  Personally, I’d rather use stainless steel.  The real deal-breaker is that the sport bottle-like spout is too hard for little ones to use.  Ditto on the attached lid.  Hold off on this option until your child is closer to 4 years old. 

Avent Naturally Magic Cup ($6):  In my opinion, these bpa-free plastic sippy cups are rather unattractive.  Mine ALWAYS leaks.  It definitely has a baby-ish look, so your child will yearn for something that a “big kid” would use before long.  Skip it. 

Safe Sippy Cup ($15):  The Safe Sippy is such a cool-looking cup.  My 3-year-old loved it from the start.  The hard, round sippy spout was a turn-off to my 1-year-old.  He will drink out if it, but it took about a month to convince him.  I love that it’s stainless steal and that it has the thermoplastic bpa-free outer sleeve to keep hands from freezing.  However, I can’t say that we’ll be buying more.  The lid is very difficult to screw on and off properly.  Without a perfect fit, the lid leaks like crazy.  Plus, when you dishwash the Safe Sippy Cup, water gets stuck between the stainless cup and the sleeve.  To dry it properly, you should remove the sleeve.  Unfortunately, replacing the sleeve is so difficult that I make Daddy do it!

Klean Kanteen Sippy Cup ($18-20):  This is my runner-up sippy cup.  It’s stainless steel, easy to wash, and easy to open and close.  My 1-year-old likes the sippy spout and my 3-year-old still thinks it looks cool.  The best thing about the Klean Kanteen is it’s versatility.  You can pop out the sippy spout and put any silicone Avent nipple in to instantly create a bpa-free, high-quality baby bottle.  Plus, you can buy the Klean Kanteen Flat Cap ($3) to convert the sippy cup to a simple stainless steel water bottle – perfect for your older child.  So, why do I prefer the Foogo?  Well, the Klean Kanteen has no outer sleeve and is not insulated, so it’s cold to baby’s touch.  Plus, it’s a little more pricey. 

Foogo Sippy Cup ($16):  This stainless steel sippy cup was an instant hit with my little 1-year-old.  He waited impatiently as I removed it from the packaging and literally threw a fit when I took the time to wash it before giving it to him.  He loves it and so do I.  The lids screws on and off so easily.  The cup does not leak.  It washes well.  Liam likes the sippy spout – this cup is his first choice.  My favorite feature is the insulation.  How nice to know that it keeps drinks cool for up to 6 hours, all the while keeping his hands warm.  I definitely pack this cup for outings.  The only downside on the Foogo Sippy Cup is that the handles are NOT removable.  You have to buy it with or without handles.  Really, handles aren’t necessary for most babies and they can get in the way in the diaper bag.  I suggest going without unless your child has trouble holding a normal cup. 

We offer many BPA-free baby bottles and sippy cups at our family business store online.  You can shop for safe, non-plastic bowls and baby utensils too at