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Etsy Find: Chic Clothespin Apron June 8, 2009

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apronAnyone who uses a clothesline will know that clothespins can be a problem.  As in, um, where are they?  

As an addendum to a popular post The Best Clothesline Ever, I’d like to share a great Etsy find.  With my clothesline, I cannot hang the clothespins in a pouch on the wall (which works with a reel clothesline), nor can they be placed in a pouch that is pushed along the line (which works with a stationary line clothesline).  Instead, I need the clothespins to be on my body.  An apron is an ideal, albeit old-fashioned, solution.  Whether bending down to grab some more clothes or reaching up to take clothes down, a large apron pocket is always with me, located in an efficient path of motion. 

Momomadeit over at makes an impressive variety of chic household aprons.  I had her sew up her half-apron that’s ideal for clothespins in a custom fabric that matches my laundry room.  Because, why not have it match my laundry room, right?  While she was at it, I also had her make a painting apron for my son.  His yucky plastic one had disintegrated after a few months of use.  Both have since been put to good use, with happy results. 

One might ask, why spend $25 on a clothespin apron?!?  Well, it is a bit much, but if it makes it easier both practically and psychologically (isn’t it so cute!)  for me to commit to hanging ALL 5 loads of laundry each week… I say it’s worth it.  And, actually, my husband agrees.


Frivolous, Feminine Accessories this Spring! May 12, 2009

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coral headbandToday, at work, I was paging through the June issue of Lucky magazine.  (I know, don’t you feel so bad for me?  Being forced to read fashion magazines at work…)  Anyhow, one little snippet highlighted some cute hair accessories, mainly frivolous headbands the likes of which I’ve never owned. 

duchess headbandAll of the sudden I’m wondering if I could pull off one of these feminine concoctions.  I don’t know if it’s because my 4-year-old daughter prefers a headband to having her hair “fixed” or because my 2-year-old son is known to dance around our house in a floral headband while me daughter dances in a matching one, but know I’m sure I’d like to try one.   It seems that everyone else in my house who has hair wears them with gusto.  mustard headbandAnd then, I did wear them constantly as a child, and the 80’s are coming back.  I wonder…

A bit of browsing around online unearths some inspiring styles at a few of my favorite boutiques and on  The three I’ve posted here are from Anthropologie. Now, how do I choose?  The coral poppies are so springy!  The duchess headband looks soft and comfortable, plus neutral.  But, I do looooove mustard, so this headband with mustard felt flowers catches my eye.  Feel free to chime in here.  Which one do you like?

Ann Taylor Straw Hat

And then, I get sucked into shopping for a sunhat, because I need one (really, I lost mine).  But can I settle for sensible neutral choice, like this lovely hat from Ann Taylor?  Nooooo, I really love this colorful sunhat from Anthropologie, because doesn’t it just look perfect on the model?  I know, I know, it has to look good on me.  But, what can I say, I do love color!        Anthropologie Sunhat

And that’s how my day turned into an expose on frivolous, delightful, utterly fashionable accessories.  I can just imagine what my husband will say (or try not to say) when I pull these out of the box!  Oh well, like I always tell him.. I’m the fashion expert!


Spring Trend – Maxi Dresses April 7, 2009

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maxismallHave you tried one yet?  This season the Maxi Dress is making it big.  On our maternity site, we’ve been shipping more maxi dresses than jeans!  I can see why, the long length makes you look taller and the roomy skirt skims over the figure to hide trouble spots.  It’s nice to see fashion embrace something that can be worn by every woman. 

Maxi dresses are great for outdoor events, from weddings to baby showers (for you pregnant mamas).  Entertaining guests for a cookout?  Strolling with the kids at the zoo?  Maxis go from casual to formal with a change of jewelry and shoes. 

What makes for a stylish maxi dress, other than length?  Fabric!  The best maxi looks feature exotic printed fabrics or statement colors.  Add to that, a sexy cut.  A long dress with too much coverage up top can be a bit boring.  Bare your shoulders with a halter style or show some decollete, and enjoy the sun this spring!


A dress for Mama October 28, 2008

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I will confess that I’ve been in a bit of a fashion rut lately.  I guess I’ve just had so much on my mind that I haven’t had the energy to be inspired by fall’s new looks and work creatively with my wardrobe.  

So maybe with the economy and everything else, we all won’t be shopping as much this season.  Still, I think it’s worthwhile to have one or two outfits that really make you feel beautiful.  Doubly so, if you’re pregnant!  There’s not a pregnant woman on this earth who doesn’t have trouble at some point accepting the ongoing changes her body experiences those nine months.  And, then if you’re post-partum… well let’s just say it doesn’t necessarily get easier.

For me that feel-beautiful outfit will usually be a nice dress.  Dresses skim over troublesome spots at the middle and have an innate feminine allure that makes me feel less “mom” and more “woman”.  During the winter, I love to pair a dress with tall boots (as seen here in the picture currently on the homepage).  Add a long coat and some funky jewelry and take me to dinner.  Now, doesn’t that sound nice?  So, grab some boots, some tights and a dress, and look your best, mama!

P.S. My friends and I have been known to organize a group dinner date almost soley for the opportunity to go out in a nice dress.  Of course, the time with our husbands and social interaction sans-children is actually the most wonderful part of this experience.  I think it’s about time to put another social on the schedule.  Has it been a year already?!?


Enter to win a FREE pair of Mama Black Maternity Jeans! April 3, 2008

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Mama Black maternity jeans hit the maternity market last year and made quite a splash!  Their styles are sexy, with a great fit and a reasonable price tag.  The Celebrity and Cha Cha are truly my overall maternity jean favorites because I love, love, LOVE the Mama Black over-the-belly waistband. 

Did I say “over-the-belly”?  Yes!  Girls, I wear under-the-belly with the best of them, but when it comes to heavy jeans, over-the-belly is better.  You have to try it to see, but they just stay up.  Period.  And, if jeans are going to look good on your bum they just CANNOT slouch and sag the way under-the-belly styles always do.  I love that Mama Black jeans hug the legs and butt for a very sexy, cute fit.  In my experience their waistband is also more comfy to sit in because it doesn’t cut you off at the waist.  I spend a bit of time sitting at this keyboard.  When I was pregnant, I wore my over-the-belly jeans to work everytime they were clean. 

Besides the Celebrity and Cha Cha styles, Mama Black added Supernova and Suri this spring.  Supernova is a lighter wash denim with more of a straight, slim leg.  Suri is a gray denim trouser with an under-belly band for those of you who just cannot believe that over-the-belly is better 😉

Enter to Win! Entering is free and no purchase is necessary.  Just tell us which Mama Black maternity jeans (at are your favorite style.  Do so by adding your comment below.  Enter now through April 30th.  We’ll choose a random winner from all participants! 

Euphoria will pay shipping.  Winner will be notified by email, at which point a shipping address will be requested.


Nursing Bra Sizing Guide March 6, 2008

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Pregnancy and breastfeeding are like a rollercoaster ride for your breasts.  First it’s up, then it’s down.  Changes come slow and fast, with fits and stops along the way.  Don’t despair of owning a well-fitted bra!  Determine your bra size in the privacy of your own home with our nursing bra sizing guide:  It’s complete with pictures to assure you that you’re measuring exactly right.  The guidelines are courtesy of the gals at Bravado, who just may be the planet’s top nursing bra experts.    

I love clothes, but even the coolest top can’t do much for me if I’m wearing an awful bra.  My current fave is the Nummies Nursing Bra.  But, now that I’m almost ready to wean, I’m faced with the opportunity to return to my pre-pregnancy “regular” bras.  So far, I haven’t made the switch because…. I like my nursing bra better!


Enter to win a FREE Slurp & Burp Nursing Cover-up! February 4, 2008

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Missy Reder, the owner and creative mind behind Slurp & Burp nursing covers, just sent samples of two of her newest cover-ups to  We’d like to show our love for nursing moms by giving them away to our blog readers!  Enter to win one of two cover-ups: a natural cream cover in organic cotton (size M/L) or an espresso brown cover with a natural burpcloth (size L/XL). 

Slurp & Burp nursing covers are the first nursing cover-up that covers mom without covering her baby! Missy explains: “I want to be able to make eye contact and communicate with my baby while I’m nursing her.” If your baby hates being covered by a blanket and/or you want to bond with baby while you’re breastfeeding, this is the perfect nursing cover-up for you!

The Slurp & Burp is a loop of lightweight cotton worn like a sash over one shoulder and under the opposite arm. It’s double-layered in the front and equipped with a burp cloth at the shoulder. Put it on over your shirt, pull the layers apart so baby can latch on and you’re covered.

Enter to Win! Entering is free and no purchase is necessary.  Just tell us which product on is your absolute favorite!  Now, we’re not talking about just nursing products.  Of all our categories: maternity, nursing, and baby, which product is number one on your wish list?  Do so by adding your comment to this blog post.  You can simply name your favorite product or copy and paste a link to the product page.  Also, tell us which Slurp & Burp cover you’d prefer if you win (organic cream in size M/L or brown in size L/XL). 

Enter now through February 29th.  We’ll choose a random winner from all participants! 

We’d like to give both cover-ups away and Euphoria will pay shipping.  Winners will be notified by email, at which point a shipping address will be requested.


Secret Sale for Blog Readers! November 20, 2007

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Over or Under-the-Belly? September 11, 2007

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What’s the deal with over-the-belly maternity pants, ie. pants with “panels”, verses under-the-belly styles?  If you go shopping with your mother, she probably looks at the under-the-belly styles with some scepticism.  But, if you’re a first time maternity shopper,  you think, “Great, these look more like normal pants!”  Which style is best?  Truth be told, this is a hard one!  Some women swear by panels, others treat them with revulsion.  I think they both have their pros and cons. 



  • Keeps pants up as long as it rides over the largest part of the belly
  • Very comfortable when sitting down
  • Fits longer if you tend to gain weight in your hips
  • Creates a sleek fit, holding everything in like a body-shaper


  • You’ll see the panel under very light-colored or thin tops
  • If you’re tummy becomes very large, you could grow out of the panel
  • If the panel is short (ie a half panel), it may not stay up at all in your last few months
  • Gets hot in warm weather



  • Well-designed waistbands don’t even look maternity, so you don’t have to cover the band and you can wear them post-partum too!
  • Fits longer if you tend to gain weight in the belly
  • Avoids adding an extra layer of clothing


  • Can be uncomfortable if you carry your baby very low or when sitting down
  • If you’re thicker through the middle, can create a “bulgy” look
  • Tends to fall down when you’re active or bending/squatting

If you’re pregnant for the first time, start off by choosing one of each style.  Wear them sitting, exercising, playing etc. and figure out what works best for you!