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Breastfeeding in Hot Weather August 6, 2009

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bloomstTemps are near 100 degrees all this week!  I am reminded of how breastfeeding in the heat can lead to a sticky situation.  Here are some tips for staying cool:

  1. Wear less.  A layered nursing shirt + nursing bra  + pads = one hot mama.  If the sun has you beat, consider picking up one or two nursing tops with built-in nursing bras.  It feels sooooo good to lose a layer.  My favorite, by far, is the Bravado essential nursing tank.  It’s made by a bra company (one of the best), so it’s really supportive, even for bigger gals.  It also comes in bra sizes and lots of colors!  This top is also perfect for sleeping – so you can get use out of it all winter long.
  2. Don’t Cover Baby.  When feeding baby in public or among friends, even a thin nursing cover traps in heat.  Skin to skin contact with your baby is going to make both of you sweat… but you don’t have to wear a blanket.  Slurp & Burp nursing covers cover your breast, not baby.  They make breastfeeding discreetly possible in any top.  It’s an extra layer for you, but at least your baby will be able to breathe!
  3. Drink up, Mama!  People used to recommend giving a baby straight water, in addition to breastfeeding, during hot summer months.  Now we know that amazing breastmilk actually adjusts to have a higher water content at times when baby needs more hydration.  So, don’t give baby a bottle.  Just be sure you drink up!

One Response to “Breastfeeding in Hot Weather”

  1. emily Says:

    i like the nursing cover option. those tent-like covers are a bit dramatic if you ask me. i mean its not some illicit act going on in there, its just nursing a baby! personally i dont cover at all unless im cold.

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