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Respect and Preserve the Ocean this Summer July 25, 2009

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It seems I have never posted about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  Do you know about this?  It’s an area in the Pacific ocean of dense, floating plastic garbage that amounts to an area… oh,twice the size of Texas!!!  I didn’t need another reason to hate plastic, but here it is.  You can easily get a feel for the problem and how it effects our world through this brief YouTube video The Garbage Patch

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch gives me the willies.  But there are other concerns.  Chemical sunscreens (which are also unhealthy for humans) kill coral reefs, runoff from our gutters pollutes the waters, and people tramping through sand dunes lead to erosion and loss of habitat.  

A trip to the ocean is a wonderful summer excursion, one that only gets better with kids.  Let’s enjoy the sea – responsibly.  Here’s a great article Save Our Shores! Go Green to Keep the Ocean Blue, by Elizabeth Barker, that has some helpful tips, including reminders to:

  • Respect the Reefs
  • Find a Safe Beach
  • Choose a Safe Sunscreen
  • Reduce Run-off

I especially appreciated the suggestion to make gathering trash at the shore a regular part of my family’s trip to the ocean.  What a simple way to teach our children about the importance of caring for the earth, even doing more than “our part” to be part of the solution!


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