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Enter to Win a Hot Mama BornFit Ensemble! July 6, 2009

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Everyone knows a pregnant woman should stay active… but what do you wear to cover your bump while running, biking, or playing volleyball?  There’s no reason why your pregnancy should consign you to second-rate clothing that leaves you sweaty and uncomfortable.  BornFit is a new activewear line designed by two active mamas who grew up among the stunning Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  Here are some words at the heart of their vision:

“We believe that all of us are BornFit. The beauty of being “Fit” is that it comes in all different sizes, shapes, interests and even passions. It’s that feeling inside your heart…that vibrancy for life – when you’re about to embark on a new adventure and it makes you feel alive, scared or even anxious.”

BornFit’s maternity clothing is designed in high-tech wicking fabrics with comfortable waistbands and plenty of stretch so they can be worn throughout pregnancy and well beyond baby ‘s arrival.  What’s more, the line features smart details like mesh panels to keep you cool, zipper pockets for your keys, and reflectors to keep you safe on the road.  It’s been a hit with moms in our store, and we know you’ll love it too!  Ready to get moving?  Enter below!

Enter to win!  One lucky reader will win the Hot Mama BornFit Ensemble: the best-selling Challenger Shorts and a Lindsey Tee in your choice of color.  Enter now through July 31st by adding your comment to this blog post.  In your comment share how you stay active during your pregnancy or where you would love to sport your BornFit clothes.  We’ll choose one random winner! 

Shipping included.  Winner will be notified by email, at which point a shipping address and preferred sizes/color will be requested.


You can do any of these things for an extra entry. Make sure to leave a separate comment on this blog post for EACH thing you do.

1- For TWO extra entries, blog about this giveaway and link it back to my blog. 

2- Follow me (euphoriatweets) on twitter AND tweet about this giveaway. Please leave me the link in your comment to your tweet. Just following me does not count-you MUST tweet about this giveaway. You can copy and paste: Win a Hot Mama BornFit Ensemble for pregnancy @Euphoria for the Green Mama


20 Responses to “Enter to Win a Hot Mama BornFit Ensemble!”

  1. Brandy F. Says:

    At 10 weeks pregnant, I’m feeling pretty good! A combination of a daily yoga practice (I teach yoga 5-9x/week too), hiking, and meditation keeps the nausea at bay and leaves me feeling very relaxed. I see myself wearing these BornFit clothes on my hikes in the next few weeks when I really start to show. My shorts are already less accommodating and the BornFit outfit looks so comfy! I hope to start swimming again in the Fall when my club pool is less crowded, in addition to the hiking and yoga.

  2. My husband and I have a 18 month old golden retriever who is full of energy. To keep him in check and me feeling good, he and I walk or run 2 times per day every day. It sure would be great to have a new maternity workout outfit that really fits as the baby grows and my belly gets bigger.

  3. emily Says:

    cute outfit! my husban and i love walking around our neighborhood, saving gas/money and staying fit at the same time!

  4. K. McAtee Says:

    I am 37 years old and 26 weeks pregnant with my fifth (and last) child! Having been a runner since I was about five years old (my dad was a triathlete and marathoner), it is a significant part of my daily routine and cutting back hasn’t been easy. Currently, I have reduced my running mileage by almost half, resulting in about three miles/day, at which point my bladder threatens to initiate life’s most embarrassing moment on the streets of our neighborhood. Other than that, I am walking and doing some strength training. I plan to continue the running until my body just says, “No, this is too much!” For now, though, it makes me feel great, and that is a terrific sensation when your body is undergoing so many changes. Up until now, I’ve been able to wear stretchier, larger running clothes, but I’m getting to a point where maternity running gear is a must. It would be nice to have an exercise outfit specifically designed for the “more pregnant” woman for the last few months!

  5. Lindsey Says:

    Well… I would totally sport the lindsey tee and challenger shorts while walking my dog and doing my prenatal pilates! I have workout videos that I do at home so I can work at my own pace. I am on baby #2 and I am due the beginning of February so I know I will get the full use of the outfit!

  6. trisha Says:

    Due in early February would allow for extensive use of this fantastic comfortable looking outfit! Staying active is a very important part of my pregnancies, as this is my 4th- I need to stay very active! Staying fit is always more fun when you look great in new active wear!

  7. Kelly Says:

    Before becoming pregnant, I worked out 3x a week in the gym – cardio and weight training; played tennis on different leagues 2x a week; walked my 2 huge Irish Wolfhound Mix dogs 4x a day (yes, spoiled); and enjoyed being outdoors and doing anything ACTIVE in general. When I found out I was pregnant with our first child, I was nervous to continue with my same work out regime in the gym, and tennis. So, to continue my active lifestyle that I MUST have in my life to stay sane – especially with these crazy new hormones – I found a prenatal fitness group (Oh Baby Fitness) and started taking a prenatal yoga, toning, and combo class once a week. It was reassuring to know I was doing exercises that were safe for pregnant women and I loved meeting, chatting preggo stuff, and sweating it out with the other women in the class. I also continued to walk the pooches, as well as hit around on the tennis courts with my husband – enough to break a sweat, but not get too heated. I also go to the gym still once or twice a week using the preggo safe moves I learned in my prenatal class. When my class finished, I started taking a prenatal water aerobics class through them and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It feels wonderful to be in the water! OK, so I can barely fit into my old work out shorts and the ones I can still wear are tight across my lower belly (and I’m carrying low). So, I bought one pair of cotton shorts that I use for working out. They aren’t the best, and I have to wash, and sumo-squat ‘restretch’ them all the time because I only have the one pair. I would LOVE fitness clothes from BornFit that are made especially for my body now and it would really help me feel better about the way I look and feel while working out. The skirt (cute) reminds me of my old tennis skirts that I would wear walking the dogs and running around doing errands. Believe me, it would get lots of miles! These dogs require lots of walks! The shirt would be a life saver. I’ve moved to my husbands ‘too small’ tees now because all of mine are too short and tight. His have no shape across my beautiful baby belly and they make me feel frumpy. When you’re pregnant you want to feel beautiful and BornFit shirts made just for my belly would really make me feel beautiful. Kudos for the ‘active mamas’ that came up with this idea. I wish your company takes off and other pregnant women find your products and get to stay fit during their pregnancies!! 🙂

  8. Annie K Says:

    Well, during my pregnancy I would just walk a few times a day at 15 minute increments or so- even if I didn’t feel like it!!

    I am entering this contest for my sis in law though. She is a triathlete and is amazingly in good shape! She is almost 5 months preggo and is still running short runs! This is her third kid and during the last one (he’s about 18m) she ran and even rode her bike on a trainer til she almost popped!!
    I know she would love to have some actual pregnant fitting work out clothes, rather than wearing big bulky things or really tight shirts.

    What a great product!

  9. Christan Says:

    I am 31 yrs old and currently 19 weeks pregnant with our 3rd child, first girl! I was not much of a fitness junky until about 3 years ago. When my first son was 2 we moved to a University for me to be a Dorm Director. The University was sponsoring a 5K. My brother began training with me. Eventually, the 5Ks turned into a 10K, then a 1/2 marathon, then we took up triathlons through a triathlon class being offered at the University. The Sprint Tris turned into Olympic Tris. The pregnancy of my second son slowed training a good bit, but jogging and swimming helped maintain a healthy pregnancy. When he was 10 weeks old I did a Sprint Tri; when he was 8 1/2 months I did my first Half Ironman Triathlon; and when he was 11 months old I did my first marathon. He is now 18 months old and loves riding along with me in his jogging stroller. I am hoping to maintain the ability to run a 5K throughout the duration of my pregnancy, as I am having the campus apartments I oversee participate in the University’s 5K this year. It would be very nice to not have to squeeze myself into non-materity work-out clothing and I can assure you that if I won, they would put in many miles of wear and advertising (here at the University, around town, and anywhere we travel for races). I also have a large Sunday school class of young moms and moms-to-be who are “health nuts” and would enjoy hearing about some GOOD maternity work-out wear!!!
    Mostly, I just hope my story encourages someone… If I can do it… ANYONE can do it! Make the choice… for you… for your kids… get healthy!!!

  10. Gina Says:

    I just had a baby 4 weeks ago… I kept fit by walking and hiking with my toddler in an Ergo or wrap on my back and 4 yo at my side. We were quite a sight 😉 I’d like to win this for my friend who is pregnant with her 4th child… she was just getting into a running groove and doing some races when, surprise!, morning sickness and another babe on the way. I think this would make a fun early pregnancy gift to her 🙂

  11. Jill Says:

    I am 37, currently due in early Feb. with my second child, which my husband and I have been trying very hard for over the last several years (so we’re very excited)! I’ve toned down my workout routine from this past year of heavy cardio and weights to pregnancy yoga and pilates, long family walks, a lot of stretching and light weight exercizes to keep toned. I would love to sport the outfit out at the beautiful parks and hiking trails in the area, downtown areas I walk around (including to visit our weekly farmer’s market) and of course neighborhood walks. Otherwise, for the prenatal yoga or pilates classes I’ve done at a couple different studios, one also specializing in natural pregnancy and birth resources.

  12. Heidi Says:

    I’m entering my second trimester and have continued taking thrice weekly excercise classes at my local YMCA. I’d love to wear this outfit to one of my classes.

  13. Tina Hallett Says:

    I’ve been looking for active wear so that I can keep up with my walking routine and be comfortable. Your clothes look great and I can’t wait to have a full look around your site!!

  14. Oh, I love BornFit!

    I’m staying active by going to spin classes, taking daily walks, and doing some strength training. I’m also running up and down the stairs all day long chasing after my 3 and 1 yr old boys. This pregnant mama needs some comfy fitness clothes! 🙂

  15. I tweeted as well:

  16. Kristi Green Says:

    I am pregnant with my third baby and still trying to stay active most every day! This means not only for myself, but also trying to get my two children and two dogs exercise as well. I go through a lot of workout clothes and would LOVE this fabulous outfit! 🙂 I am doing a triathlon in Ackworth, GA in August and running the Twin Cities 10 Mile in October for a few of my “scheduled” goal workouts. This outfit looks so perfect for exercising preggos! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. Holly Says:

    I am 22 weeks pregnant with my first child. In order to feel better and keep future weight issues at bay, I’ve enjoyed walking/running my energy-filled labrador and going to the gym for an elliptical workout. In the past few weeks, we’ve moved to a military installation half way across the country from “home,” and I’ve really enjoyed walking the post and taking in all of the history around me. As my non-maternity workout clothes are definitely in their last days of use, I would love to show off my baby bump in the BornFit outfit.

  18. Chantelle Says:

    Would love to wear this outfit while I’m fit and pregnant.

  19. Shannon Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this. This is my third pregnancy and I work out everyday- walking, yoga, strength training and some low impact aerobics. I’d love to wear something other than my husband’s tshirts especially at local fundraising runs ( walks…)

  20. Svetlana Says:

    As I just entered into the 6th month of pregnancy, it’s harder to pick workout clothes that fit and yet still make me look sexy. I am excited about the Hot Mama set, which looks very flattering on a curvy pregnant body!

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