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Etsy Find: Chic Clothespin Apron June 8, 2009

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apronAnyone who uses a clothesline will know that clothespins can be a problem.  As in, um, where are they?  

As an addendum to a popular post The Best Clothesline Ever, I’d like to share a great Etsy find.  With my clothesline, I cannot hang the clothespins in a pouch on the wall (which works with a reel clothesline), nor can they be placed in a pouch that is pushed along the line (which works with a stationary line clothesline).  Instead, I need the clothespins to be on my body.  An apron is an ideal, albeit old-fashioned, solution.  Whether bending down to grab some more clothes or reaching up to take clothes down, a large apron pocket is always with me, located in an efficient path of motion. 

Momomadeit over at makes an impressive variety of chic household aprons.  I had her sew up her half-apron that’s ideal for clothespins in a custom fabric that matches my laundry room.  Because, why not have it match my laundry room, right?  While she was at it, I also had her make a painting apron for my son.  His yucky plastic one had disintegrated after a few months of use.  Both have since been put to good use, with happy results. 

One might ask, why spend $25 on a clothespin apron?!?  Well, it is a bit much, but if it makes it easier both practically and psychologically (isn’t it so cute!)  for me to commit to hanging ALL 5 loads of laundry each week… I say it’s worth it.  And, actually, my husband agrees.


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