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Boobs: Economic Stimulus Packages June 2, 2009

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Clever.  At the bottom the ad reads, “Breastfeeding boosts your bank account and your baby’s immune system – saving you on hospital visits, doctor’s bills, medicine and missed days of work.  It could also save billions on health care costs…”  Yes, yes yes!  That’s the kind of “stimulus package” this nation needs!

This ad is published by Best for Babes, a “non-profit dedicated to giving breastfeeding a makeover and to revealing and removing the ‘booby traps’- the barriers to breastfeeding that keep tripping women up!”  There website is filled with inspiring and helpful info for breastfeeding moms. 

One article written by Danielle Rigg lists celebrated and lesser known facts about the benefits of breastfeeding.  Here’s the list, but for detailed information be sure to read the entire article: Your Mom-Made Wonderfood™: Dazzling and amazing benefits

-Breastfeeding Your Baby Girl Reduces Her Lifetime Risk of Breast Cancer by as much as 25%.
-Your Milk is a Daily Vaccine Against Every Virus You Come Into Contact with.
-Your Baby is born with an Immature Digestive System. Your Perfect Milk Completes the Development of Your Baby’s Stomach Lining Making it 15x Thicker Than that of a Formula-Fed Baby.
-Your Milk Jump-Starts Your Baby’s Immune System.
-Breastfeeding Helps Babies Regulate Their Breathing.
-Your Milk Provides Perfect and Varying Proportions of Fat, Carbohydrates and Protein For Babies of Different Ages.
-Breastfed Babies Make Better Eaters as Toddlers.
-Your Milk Knocks a Baby Out Like Nothin’ Else!
-Breastfeeding Has a Calming Effect on You Too.
-Breastfeeding is a Great Pain Reliever and Soother.
-Breastfed Children Cope Better with Stressful Situations Years After Being Weaned.
-Breast milk Goes Down Easy and Stays Down.
-What Hooters? They’re Heaters! Your Breasts Are Able to Detect Even a One Degree Drop in Your Baby’s Temperature and Warm Up.
-Breastfed Babies Have Luminous Skin and they Smell Like Vanilla Beans.
-Breast Milk Poop Doesn’t Smell that Bad.
-Breastfeeding Protects Against Cavities.
-Breastfeeding Can Reduce the Need for Braces.
-Breastfeeding Reduces Bed-Wetting.
-Breastfeeding Increases Organ Acceptance in Case of Transplant.
-Breastfeeding Increases Vaccine Effectiveness.
-Help for the Color Blind – Your Areola Have Darkened to Help Baby Hit that Bullseye!
-Help for the Farsighted – Newborns Only See Objects Clearly Within 8-10 Inches, the Exact Distance Between Your Nipple and Your Face.
-Breast Milk May Help Clear Up Eye Infections.
-Breast Milk Can Be Left at Room Temperature for Several Hours.
-Breastfeeding Moms Sleep More.


One Response to “Boobs: Economic Stimulus Packages”

  1. Grace Nathan Says:

    What a great list! My little boy is growing up so fast. He’s almost 9 months and is becoming more and more independent, but when I nurse him, he turns back into my little cuddly baby.

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