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The Best Clothesline Ever May 21, 2009

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So, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but I am quite thrilled with my new clothesline.  It’s one of those umbrella-shaped clotheslines that looks like it’s from outer space…  But – WOW- does it do the job well!

1.  It holds 6 loads of laundry.  I can wash all of our clothes on laundry day and hang everything.  Hello energy savings and a reduced electric bill!

2.  It rotates.  I can stand in one place and access every single line without straining a bit. 

3.  It only needs a small patch of sun.  We didn’t want a long stretch of clothesline.  This design is compact enough for an urban backyard.

4.  It closes up.  Were we to throw a lovely garden party, I could ask my dear husband to collapse the laundry umbrella, so that it looks basically like a post.  Or, even better, he could take it out of the hole entirely and put it in the garage.  Nice.


6 Responses to “The Best Clothesline Ever”

  1. Erin Says:

    Where can I find one?!

    • Rachel Says:

      I bought mine at Amazon. The image links to the specific model. If you search on Amazon for umbrella clotheslines, you’ll find some less expensive options. We decided to go for this one because it seemed to be made of heavy duty materials, and we plan to use it for a long time!

  2. Lia Mack Says:

    I’m getting one! I can’t wait 🙂

  3. […] an addendum to a popular post The Best Clothesline Ever, I’d like to share a great Etsy find.  With my clothesline, I cannot hang the clothespins in […]

  4. Louise Says:

    I purchased my clothesline from this company – They offer some great clothes drying solutions. I live in a development that frowns on line drying. The umbrella clothesline we bought can be taken out of the ground when not in use which is nice. But it folds down when I am finished, like a garden umbrella and I pop the cover on it and it blends right in. Plus remember you get what you pay for . . . buying on the cheap side will result in having to just replace it in a few years. This company offers a 10 year warranty . . the product is made by an Australian company. In Australia everyone line dries their clothes

  5. Keith Wilson Says:

    Dear Euphoria,
    After reading your article above and some of the comments, I wanted to let you know that there still is a USA manufacturer (us) that makes a TOUGH and large umbrella clothesline. We agree with “right to dry” and have been energy conscious for 95 years. As I am told the story of how the Sunshine Clothes Dryer came to be; Joseph Clay always shoveled the snow from underneath his wife’s outdoor clothesline each time it snowed. Since she had a rather large clothesline, this was not a task he liked. After one unusually deep snow he decided that job could be made easier. Very soon after that snow storm he invented the Sunshine Clothes Dryer, now she could stand in one place and rotate the clothes to her. Snow removal under the clothesline became a tolerable task for Joseph Clay. We are very proud to be making what we believe is the original umbrella style clothesline, patented in the US in Dec. 1915, patent no. 1,163,639 by Joseph Clay, Cedar Falls IA. If you wish to contact me I’ll tell you why it is still selling and is so long-lasting. I hope it is okay to list our website
    Keith Wilson, G&G Industries Parkersburg IA 800-998-2423

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