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Words for Loving Transitions May 14, 2009

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Inspired by books like Heaven on Earth, countless Waldorf resources and Enki Education, I have been weaving simple verses or “sayings” into our family life.  These rhymatic verses are fun and excellent for language development.  But, most importantly, they ease my two little ones through difficult daily transitions.  Here are a few I think most parents would find useful.  Unless noted, I’m not sure of the authors.  Please advise me if you know!

For Teeth Brushing:

All the little milk teeth

Standing in a row,

Scrub, scrub, scrub

And away we go.

First do all the front ones,

Then do at the back,

Every night and morning,

Just like that.

For Nail Clipping:

Thumpkin Bumpkin jolly and stout,

Peter into mischief round-a-bout,

Long and lanky,

Hanky panky,

Pinkie winkie diddly dinky.


Snip, snap moonslivers one by one.



Long and lanky.

Hanky panky.

All done.

For Saying Goodnight to my 4-year-old:

May you be good; may you be blessed.

Joyful to rise; happy to rest.

With a heart that is wise, warm and strong.

Nimble fingers, skilled feet to bear you along.

(from the Christopherus Kindergarden book)



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