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Frivolous, Feminine Accessories this Spring! May 12, 2009

Filed under: Fashion & Fun — Rachel @ 8:18 pm
coral headbandToday, at work, I was paging through the June issue of Lucky magazine.  (I know, don’t you feel so bad for me?  Being forced to read fashion magazines at work…)  Anyhow, one little snippet highlighted some cute hair accessories, mainly frivolous headbands the likes of which I’ve never owned. 

duchess headbandAll of the sudden I’m wondering if I could pull off one of these feminine concoctions.  I don’t know if it’s because my 4-year-old daughter prefers a headband to having her hair “fixed” or because my 2-year-old son is known to dance around our house in a floral headband while me daughter dances in a matching one, but know I’m sure I’d like to try one.   It seems that everyone else in my house who has hair wears them with gusto.  mustard headbandAnd then, I did wear them constantly as a child, and the 80’s are coming back.  I wonder…

A bit of browsing around online unearths some inspiring styles at a few of my favorite boutiques and on  The three I’ve posted here are from Anthropologie. Now, how do I choose?  The coral poppies are so springy!  The duchess headband looks soft and comfortable, plus neutral.  But, I do looooove mustard, so this headband with mustard felt flowers catches my eye.  Feel free to chime in here.  Which one do you like?

Ann Taylor Straw Hat

And then, I get sucked into shopping for a sunhat, because I need one (really, I lost mine).  But can I settle for sensible neutral choice, like this lovely hat from Ann Taylor?  Nooooo, I really love this colorful sunhat from Anthropologie, because doesn’t it just look perfect on the model?  I know, I know, it has to look good on me.  But, what can I say, I do love color!        Anthropologie Sunhat

And that’s how my day turned into an expose on frivolous, delightful, utterly fashionable accessories.  I can just imagine what my husband will say (or try not to say) when I pull these out of the box!  Oh well, like I always tell him.. I’m the fashion expert!


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