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Diaper Creams: What Can You Use with Cloth Diapers? May 4, 2009

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Q:  I just bought some BumGenius cloth diapers for my 13 month old son from Euphoria Baby, and I received them yesterday. I am a little concerned about not being able to use diaper creams with these diapers since my son has a sensitive little tush, and is rash-prone. I have been told I can use Vaseline to help protect his skin. Is that true?

A:  It’s true that using diaper creams will stain your diapers (best case scenario) or stick to them, causing them to leak (worst case scenario).  That’s why many manufactures, such as BumGenius, strongly discourage the use of diaper creams.  But, every baby still needs to use creams from time to time, so I recommend having liners on hand. 

A liner is a small piece of fabric that is placed inside a cloth diaper on occasions when your baby needs a diaper cream.  Apply the cream to the child, and then place the liner so that any extra cream will get on the liner, instead of the diaper.  Wash the liners with your diapers – no need to wash separately.

Some cloth diaper stores sell cloth diaper liners, but I don’t because they’re just too easy to make!  Use any old polyester fleece pjs that your child has outgrown or buy some polyester fleece from the store.  Why this fabric?  Use polyester because it will still create a stay-dry barrier for your son, and fleece because it’s not too thin that it’ll bunch up and it doesn’t require any sewing.  Cut the polyester fleece to shape to fit in the diapers.  A small rectangle will usually do.  You don’t have to sew fleece to keep it from unraveling, so this is super easy.  Voila – place them in the diaper when you need to use a diaper cream, and you’re good to go!

Oh, and I wouldn’t use Vaseline.   Because it’s petroleum based, it’s not eco-friendly and probably somewhat toxic.  I’d go for a natural, safe cream like our Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm.  Desitin, Balmex and the like are completely unsafe, containing chemicals that health organizations have declared “Not safe for use on infant skin”.  You can read more about checking the safety of your cosmetics and the evils of Balmex at  My Cosmetic Purge.  Also see Desitin – Safe or Toxic? .


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