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Safe Sunscreen – It’s that Time Again! April 28, 2009

Filed under: Healthy Living — Rachel @ 3:10 pm

Click to buy Badger spf 30 at

Here in the south spring is well on its way to becoming summer.  As day after day of warm, sunny weather hits, we’ve been reviving our safe sun-protection habits. 

Last week I dug out our sunscreen – one lone, half-filled bottle of Badger spf 30 from last year.  Definitely going to need to restock!  Off I went to scour the internet for the cheapest source of Badger.  Last spring, Badger was soooo hard to find.  Fortunately, this year it’s available at Amazon and!  I found the best price at just $12 a bottle at  Be sure you buy enough as supplies can get low!  Since we need 3 bottles (one for grandma’s house, one for our swimming bag and one by the door), it wasn’t too hard to reach that $50 threshold for free shipping.

For more details on why I buy Badger and a comparison to California Baby spf 30 Bug Blend, see Non-toxic, Safe Sunscreens that I love.

Or, see this link for a complete list of safe sunscreens.

Whatever you do, don’t just use any old sunscreen.  Research has shown that MOST sunscreens on the market are either ineffective at providing sun protection and/or outright dangerous, since their cancer-causing ingredients soak right into your child’s thirsty skin.  You can evaluate any given sunscreen easily at

And, mamas, don’t forget the sunhats!


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