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Spring Trend – Maxi Dresses April 7, 2009

Filed under: Fashion & Fun — Rachel @ 6:21 pm

maxismallHave you tried one yet?  This season the Maxi Dress is making it big.  On our maternity site, we’ve been shipping more maxi dresses than jeans!  I can see why, the long length makes you look taller and the roomy skirt skims over the figure to hide trouble spots.  It’s nice to see fashion embrace something that can be worn by every woman. 

Maxi dresses are great for outdoor events, from weddings to baby showers (for you pregnant mamas).  Entertaining guests for a cookout?  Strolling with the kids at the zoo?  Maxis go from casual to formal with a change of jewelry and shoes. 

What makes for a stylish maxi dress, other than length?  Fabric!  The best maxi looks feature exotic printed fabrics or statement colors.  Add to that, a sexy cut.  A long dress with too much coverage up top can be a bit boring.  Bare your shoulders with a halter style or show some decollete, and enjoy the sun this spring!


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