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The Birth Survey March 10, 2009

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Pregnant with your first baby, you start to think about that all-important, rather intimidating day – the day you will give birth.  You want to be prepared, so you read books, take a class, talk to other moms.  But, how to choose the right doctor, midwife, hospital, doula, etc?  Word of mouth seems to be the best bet… but wouldn’t it be great if you could hear from hundreds or even thousands of moms about the practitioner you’re considering?

Giving women that kind of access to patient feedback and care-related statistics is the main goal of The Birth Survey.  The Birth Survey is an actual online survey put out by The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services.  Any woman in the USA can go online to fill out a detailed survey regarding her most recent birth.  You’ll be asked to give feedback about one or more specific health care provider(s) through straightforward ranking systems, along with opportunities for your comments.  It’s, “a mechanism to share, systematically track, and retrieve up-to-date information about the quality of care received” so that women can make informed, confident decisions about their caregivers and location of birth. 

Last week, I filled out the Birth Survey.  It felt so worthwhile to take a few minutes (about 20) to share my experiences, so that others can make an informed decision on this critical question.  Unfortunately, local results from The Birth Survey are only available to NY residents, as the survey was first released in NY in a testing phase during 2007.  After success in NY, they expanded the program nationally and have been collecting national results since.  They plan to release national results this year!  Let’s get involved and share the news to improve maternal care and transparency in our nation.  I hope that this database will help women who are considering homebirth or birth at a birth center to feel more confident about their “unusual” choice.  Seeing the statistics of different options side-by-side will really help those on the fence to see that midwives provide excellent, oftentimes superior care to healthy moms, and that those moms are usually quite delighted by their experience!

Click here to visit The Birth Survey now!


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