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Time for Two February 26, 2009

Filed under: Fashion & Fun — Rachel @ 5:11 pm

I’m back!  On Sunday my husband and I got away for our first trip alone together in 7 years.  Yes, it’s been that long!  Between having babies and not having too much extra cash, we’ve skimped on too many anniversaries.  Times have been hard for us lately, so my husband really had to convince me that now was the time for a romantic getaway.  I insisted we kept it relatively cheap, so we found a modest Bed and Breakfast in nearby Charleston. 

It was wonderful!  Three days of no schedule, kid-free shopping, culture and food – perfect.  I love my kids.  So much.  But, it was just amazing to be spontaneous, spend all-day doing “grown-up” things and go out for a late movie without a care.  In fact, the highlight of our trip was an afternoon nap in the bed and breakfast!  Oh the pure luxury of adult napping!

If you have relegated time alone with your spouse to the back-burner, take some action.  I know that the kids are pure joy and that outings with other families are great for all… but there’s something magical about rediscovering your spouse and your love unencumbered by the realities of life.  Especially if you’re pregnant, take time for two while you have the chance! 

Here are some ideas for keeping down costs:

  • Plan your trip during the week to take advantage of mid-week prices
  • Limit your destination to a two-hour driving radius
  • Schedule 1-2 activities and leave the rest of your time open.  Spontaneity is wonderful!  Naps and long walks in nature are more restful and rejuvenating than touristy activities.
  • To limit food expenses, pack a lunch for the first day, choose a lodging that provides breakfast and save dinner leftovers for lunch or snacks!

One Response to “Time for Two”

  1. Miranda Says:

    I’m so glad you got away! Charleston is amazing, Brian and I plan to go back there alone someday. Congratulations on eight years of marital bliss!

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