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Baby’s First Pair of Shoes February 17, 2009

Filed under: Baby & Toddler — Rachel @ 6:59 pm

When baby is about 3 or 4 months old, it can suddenly seem odd to bring him or her out in just socks.  Has this happened to you?  Maybe you put off buying shoes (the ones at Babies R’ Us look soooo uncomfortable!), until your baby begins to scoot and stamp around, while holding your hands.  All at once, you can’t stand the thought of your baby’s tender little feet tromping and scooting around in just socks on all sorts of floors.  Time for shoes!

Buying that first pair of shoes is such fun, but perhaps a little difficult – especially if you’re a first time mom.  Definitely steer clear of anything that’s not super-soft and flexible.  You’re just trying to protect those little feet, not offer support!  Sure, there’s Robeez and similar knock-offs.  They’re easy to find, which is nice, but they do have their down-sides.  Those soft soles don’t have a non-slip surface.  For 0-3 months, that’s fine.  But, once baby starts to crawl and stomp, baby will appreciate a tiny bit of traction.  Plus, my husband detested the designs.  I thought they were fine… until I looked online at other options.

After doing some shopping, I love See Kai Run’s line of baby shoes for little ones.  It’s called “Smaller” and all the shoes are made with luxurious lambskin leather, finished with non-slip circles on the soft soles and close with velcro for fast on and off.  They’re approved by the American Podiatric Medical Society for little feet.  What’s more, the designs are so cool!  They’re sweet and/or handsome, but most of all unique.  If you want something that doesn’t look like every other baby shoe, check out our collection of Smaller by See Kai Run at  It’s just what I would look for in the way of baby’s first shoe, so I had to add it to our store!

After adding the baby shoes to our store this morning, I stopped to look at the rows of boy and girl shoes.  Gosh, it’s just not fair – girls have all the fun!  I mean, sure, the boys shoes are cool (my son’s first pair looked like the Chase shoe), but the girls shoes are so sweet and adorable that I want to eat them.  How can a mama resist?


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