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Hormone Disruptors and Your Health February 12, 2009

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Girl, Disrupted: Hormone Disruptors and Women’s Reproductive Health is a new 35 page report designed to explain what we know today about hormone disrupting chemicals to regular people like you and I.  It was published by the Collaborative on Health and the Environment and focuses, specifically, on how several synthetic, hormone-disrupting chemicals are destroying women’s health.  The report details studies that link hormone disruptors to early puberty, infertility, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, breast cancer and others. 

I know I’ve written time and agan about dangerous chemicals Americans are commonly exposed to, such as BPA, pthalates and more.  I tend to focus on what we should do to protect our health.  Rather than giving a list of to-do’s, this report gives you clear, concise reasons why you should be concerned about hormone disruptors. 

I’ll be honest, I didn’t read the 35-page report.  Who has time for that?  Fortunately, they also published a concise summary brochure that gets right down to it:  Hormone Disruptors and Women’s Health: Reasons for Concern.  Go here, download the PDF and share it with your friends.  If you’re pregnant, nursing or trying to conceive you’re at a particular vulnerable point.  You should take steps now to protect the health of your baby.


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