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An Outing fit for Winter Days February 5, 2009

Filed under: Family Culture — Rachel @ 7:26 pm

It’s FREEZING outside.  If you’re a parent of young ones, you know that when cold weather forces us to stay indoors things can get a bit ugly.  In the past week I rediscovered an outing that’s perfect for winter days – the trip to Barnes & Noble’s train table.  My children just love to play with those trains, and I am perfectly content to browse the children’s books near bye for quite some time while keeping a watchful eye on their play.  Children of all ages, from one to eight will come and go, sometimes playing quite awhile.  It gives my kids the opportunity to practice meeting strangers, sharing toys and conversing with a diverse group. 

This week I was looking for a book to suit my son, Liam, who’s just turned two years old today.  I found a large board book titled “Freight Train” by Donald Crews that’s just right for him.  He adores trains.  This book names different types of train cars (half of which I didn’t know), while identifying their colors.  Since he still tends to call everything “orange” that’s a definite plus.  At the end, the colorful rainbow train is off in a whirl of color through tunnels, cities and more.

The nice thing about browsing with kids, is that you can read them a book before buying to see how it goes over.  You know that if they like it enough to hear the whole story instead of going back to the trains that it’s got their attention!  While I generally like to stay home with the kids, this was a nice, mellow outing that kept us warm, calm and engaged.  How about you?  What do you do on winter days?


2 Responses to “An Outing fit for Winter Days”

  1. Raluca Ploog Says:

    My 3-year-old son loves this book, too. We even used it while potty training. Something about little boys and trains.

  2. Erin DeStratis Says:

    We go to the train table up here in MA also…love it for all of the reasons you mentioned, plus the fact that I can warm up with a chai at the same time 🙂

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