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Hot Topic: What they Don’t Tell you about Vaccination Dangers February 3, 2009

Filed under: Baby & Toddler — Rachel @ 4:39 pm

Have you done your research on vaccines?  It’s a complex, sometimes intimidating topic, but as parents there’s no escaping it.  Either you trust the American Pediatrics Society and do them all on schedule (or mostly on schedule…), or you have to dive in to the research to draw your own conclusions. 

An excellent, non-alarmist vaccine book is Dr. Sear’s “The Vaccine Book”.  If you want all the info and several options for how to/if to vaccinate, that’s the book for you.  I read this book spring of 2008 with a local book club.  All of the mothers found it helpful, although we did settle on differing plans for our families.

BUT, if you don’t have the time to read a book and you’re wondering if there really is anything to worry about anyways, I just came across an excellent article.  It’ll give you a snapshot of some of the issues: how vaccines are made, what happens to the brain when vaccinations are injected, and some ideas for safer vaccinating practices.  Please read what Russell L. Blaylock, MD, world-renowned board-certified surgeon and author, has to share about vaccines in his article What They Don’t Tell You About Vaccination Dangers

You owe it to your children to be informed about this issue.  Once you vaccinate, there is no taking it back.  If you’re pregnant, do the research now.  Your baby would normally receive a first shot in the hospital and several more at the 2 month appointment.  Now is the time to become informed!


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