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Still Not Sure about BPA? January 22, 2009

Filed under: Baby & Toddler — Rachel @ 5:33 pm

I am certain that BPA (Bisphenol A) is a danger to human health, and I have worked to eliminate my family’s exposure to this hormone mimicing chemical.  But, if you’ve watched the news, the FDA doesn’t seem to agree.  In recent months, two governmental agencies issued opposing reports about exposure to BPA-containing plastics.  The National Toxicology Program (NTP), reported “some concern” that BPA harms the human brain and reproductive system, especially in little ones and the unborn. While at the same time, the FDA declared that “at current levels of exposure” BPA is safe. In October the FDA’s science board questioned that ruling, but the FDA did not revise it.  So, what’s the deal?

If you’re still unsure about the safety or toxicity of BPA, get ALL of the facts in this recent investigative journalism report from Fast Company.  The report, titled “The Real Story Behind Bisphenol A” cuts through the clutter to show that the VAST majority of studies (90% of independently-funded experiments) do show that BPA is a danger to human health even in very small doses, AND that those studies concluding that BPA is safe are industry-funded!!!  Hmm… 

As a parent, I’m not willing to take chances with my children’s health, especially when safe alternatives are available at reasonable prices.  I think it’s appalling that the FDA, an organization established to protect public health, has sunk to this level on an issue that effects all Americans.  I hope you’ll join me in voting with your dollars by purchasing BPA-free products.  Whenever possible, choose products made with glass, metal or wood.  These old-time favorites have withstood the test of time and are many times more eco-friendly too.


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  1. […] the toxin BPA.  While the seriousness of BPA exposure to young infants is debated in our country (Still Not Sure about BPA?), other countries, like Canada, have outlawed BPA-emitting plastics in children’s feeding […]

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