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France Bans TV for Children! November 8, 2008

Filed under: Family Culture — Rachel @ 7:45 pm

I just read in Mothering Magazine that the country of France has recently banned television programs designed for children under three years old.  The country states, “Television viewing hurts the development of children under three years old and poses a certain number of risks, encouraging passivity, slow language acquisition, over-excitedness, troubles with sleep and concentration as well as dependence on screens.”  Wow, how’s that for making a statement!

I don’t necessarily want to see TV for children banned in the states, if only because it seems like something the government should not mandate.  Still, it is nice to hear of France’s tough stand since we do not allow our children to watch TV or videos.  My husband and I found it difficult to sustain the “ocassional video” stance, as the children always craved more, more, more!  Now that we’ve cut the screen out entirely, it’s not a big deal to anyone and it certainly frees up more time for real play and real living.


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