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Children and Chemicals October 30, 2008

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It’s time to baby-proof your home.  What does the Pediatrician tell you?  Lock up those cleaning supplies!  That’s because every year hundreds of thousands of parents call poison control because their young child has drank or inhaled dangerous chemical cleaners. 

Here’s some better advice: replace those toxic cleaners with safe alternatives!  Did you know that your family is exposed to more VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) via conventional household cleaners when used as directed than via airborne exposure if you lived across the street from an oil refinery!?!  Yikes.  And while VOC exposure does not usually cause immediate life-threatening reactions, their cummulative damage is being felt in our society.

I just listened to clips from “A Conversation About Children and Chemicals” hosted this October with several experts and an Emmy award-winning journalist in Boston.  The peditrician shared sobering statistics about how many childhood diseases and disorders have dramatically increased in the past years.  Asthma (which is directly triggered by VOC’s) has doubled in the past 15 years to the point that it is considered epidemic.  We’ve also seen dramatic increases in childhood type 2 diabetes, autism and high blood pressure in children. 

What’s causing all this ill-health?  There are lots of theories. But, we know that unhealthy environmental conditions (VOC’s, plastic exposure, artificial fragrances) are contributing to the sad state of American health.  And, since there are environmental contributors, there are environmental solutions.

I encourage you to listen to “A Conversation About Children and Chemicals” and make changes to purify your home environment.


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