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A dress for Mama October 28, 2008

Filed under: Pregnancy — Rachel @ 9:03 pm

I will confess that I’ve been in a bit of a fashion rut lately.  I guess I’ve just had so much on my mind that I haven’t had the energy to be inspired by fall’s new looks and work creatively with my wardrobe.  

So maybe with the economy and everything else, we all won’t be shopping as much this season.  Still, I think it’s worthwhile to have one or two outfits that really make you feel beautiful.  Doubly so, if you’re pregnant!  There’s not a pregnant woman on this earth who doesn’t have trouble at some point accepting the ongoing changes her body experiences those nine months.  And, then if you’re post-partum… well let’s just say it doesn’t necessarily get easier.

For me that feel-beautiful outfit will usually be a nice dress.  Dresses skim over troublesome spots at the middle and have an innate feminine allure that makes me feel less “mom” and more “woman”.  During the winter, I love to pair a dress with tall boots (as seen here in the picture currently on the homepage).  Add a long coat and some funky jewelry and take me to dinner.  Now, doesn’t that sound nice?  So, grab some boots, some tights and a dress, and look your best, mama!

P.S. My friends and I have been known to organize a group dinner date almost soley for the opportunity to go out in a nice dress.  Of course, the time with our husbands and social interaction sans-children is actually the most wonderful part of this experience.  I think it’s about time to put another social on the schedule.  Has it been a year already?!?


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