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Tagless Clothing on the Outs October 27, 2008

Filed under: Baby & Toddler — Rachel @ 6:18 pm

The news has been out for awhile now, but lately articles are popping up just about everywhere about the dangers of tagless clothing.  It’s not an isolated incident – tagless clothes are causing chemical burns on children and even on some adults.  Parents have reported everything from red, sensitive skin to open, oozing wounds found on children just under the “tag” of tagless clothes.   Something about the chemicals manufacturers use to stamp the “tag” is causing skin reactions that can be very painful and persistant even after clothes are washed.  If you haven’t done so already, stop buying clothes with tagless “tags”. 

Ironic, isn’t it, since the entire idea was to ensure our comfort?  Once again, the simple old-fashioned way turns out to be healthier and safer too.


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