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Made in China October 22, 2008

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If you’re pregnant or nursing, you’re well aware that what you put in your body has the power to nurture or harm your baby.  Do you buy products Made in China?

The recent melamine scandal has given Americans one more reason to worry about the safety of products Made in China.   If you missed it, authorities found melamine in Chinese infant formula and milk products, which caused the deaths of four Chinese babies, the sickening of 54,000 Chinese babies and recalls world-wide of many international products that are made with Chinese milk (Cadburry chocolates, Nabisco Ritz cheese crackers and Lipton Green Tea). 

There has been a growing concern amongst American consumers about products Made in China, and for good reason.  It is sad, but true that China does not have a good track record.  According to this article in The International Herald Tribune:

“Chinese products have been failing food inspections for years. Hundreds of Chinese shipments have been stopped by inspectors in Europe, the United States and Asian countries in recent years because they contained banned chemicals or were unfit for consumption, government data show.

In the European Union alone, Chinese fish and shrimp were rejected because they contained fungicides, antibiotics or other banned drugs; dried fruit and vegetables were found to have more than the allowable level of the preservative sulfite; peanuts had excessive levels of fungus-related toxins; and packaged foods tested positive for heavy metals that leached from their packaging.

Although only the world’s eighth-largest exporter of food, China ranked in first place last year for the number of hazardous imports detected by regulators in the European Union. China had 352 notifications, its highest level ever, compared with 191 for the United States, which is the world’s largest agricultural exporter.”

I have been on the fence on the issue of buying products Made in China.  I hate to reject everything exported from China, because some things must be made safely and responsibly.  And, yet the simply truth is that authorities cannot possibly test all products for toxicity.  If a country does have a consistently bad track record, why am I willing to take the risk? 

As of today, I am off the fence.  Given the state of our economy, I say it’s time to make the effort and spend the cash to buy Made in the USA whenever possible.  If things are rocky at home, why send our money overseas?  We help ourselves by helping our neighbors who have continued to produce products in the USA despite higher costs due to paying a fair wage and not cutting corners on product quality.  Quality = safety.   What do you think?


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