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A Waldorf Toy Revolution October 14, 2008

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In my house we’re having a Toy Revolution.  Mmm-hmm, that’s right.  Last year it was a diaper revolution (welcome cloth diapers).  Closely followed by a plastic revolution (goodbye BPA and pthalates).  Now, we’re rounding out our lifestyle with a Waldorf Revolution… which can be simplified (overly so) as a Toy Revolution.  Just in time for Christmas!

My little ones are almost 4 and 20 months.  Now is the time for change!  It’s little noticed.  In fact, I think that the growing mountain of reject toys is a bit more painful for me (I hate money wasted).  Anyhow, I am completely inspired by Waldorf’s standards of beautiful, natural and open-ended toys that allow room for the imagination and create a peaceful, nurturing play space. 

Sound wonderful?  Start small: take out all battery operated toys and those ugly plastic ones that your children play with rarely.  Think simple.  If the toy talks, moves for the child or is only able to be played with in one “correct” way (like, umm.. Leapfrog), it doesn’t allow the child to interact creatively.  The time for learning facts is not now.  Early childhood is the time to explore, imagine and dream.  Afterall, creativity is at the root of real genius and creating makes a family come alive. 

As I take toys out of the room, my children play more attentively with their favorites like legos, dolls and our wooden train set.  In fact, we’ve noticed that they are arguing less too, but that’s just pure luck, right?  Less toys means clean up is easy.  And, now we have room to add some good ones!  Next time I’ll share some wonderful new additions from quality art supplies to imaginative play.  Many of them I’m putting away for Christmas gifts.  It’s been a lot of fun!


2 Responses to “A Waldorf Toy Revolution”

  1. Anita Says:

    I checked out the website and I like their toys. they are great priced. and they seem to use the childrens imagination. such simple things. make our children happy.
    thank you for the webiste.


  2. […] fall my family underwent a A Waldorf Toy Revolution – a process that both simplified and enriched our play life.  If you’re looking to simplify […]

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