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Don’t Let it Happen to You August 30, 2008

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Tonight my almost 4-year-old daughter interrupted my youngest one’s bedtime routine by bursting into the room with a frightened, panicky look on her face.  “Mommy, her head came off!”  Sure enough, she was holding her baby doll whose head was dangling disturbingly from a bit of plastic tubing.  Once we determined that the tragedy was totally unfix-able, she immediately asked the BIG QUESTION: “Then, do we have to throw her away?”  I gave her the honest truth.  To my surprise and dismay, she stood up and took the doll to the trash at once, sadly wailing “Then I will throw her away”.  The doll now in the trash, she returned to me in tears for comfort. 

Well, that was just too awful!  She had been rocking, carrying and even nursing that doll today.  I can only imagine how it makes her feel to have the doll loose it’s head.  My daughter is very verbal and very logical.  She expressed concern that the rest of her toys might break, which led to a discussion of the virtues of wood and cloth toys as compared to the “cheapness” and fragility of her plastic ones.  Yes, the doll that broke was a cheap Toys R’Us doll, made entirely of hard plastic.  It split unevenly at the neck, when she was only playing with it in her room, pretending to be a mommy (there were no falling incidents or foul play involved). 

I suppose the moral of the story is, “Don’t let cheap toys happen to you.”  It’s nearly impossible to avoid the avalanche of cheap plastic toys that push their way into your playroom, but be sure you’re not the guilty party.  There are multitudes of high-quality, even eco-friendly toys available online.  And, while they do cost more, they don’t lead to doll-death tragedies and mountains of non-biodegradable landfill. 

Fortunately, for us, now stocks quality wooden and cloth toys from eco-genius Plan Toys and Haba of Germany.  I’m making plans for birthdays and Christmas now.  Dolls from Kathe Kruze are next on our list…


One Response to “Don’t Let it Happen to You”

  1. lizibear Says:

    I totally agree! Cloth and wood are the way to go!

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