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Fashion this Fall (with a Sneak Peak into Spring) August 26, 2008

Filed under: Fashion & Fun — Rachel @ 1:59 pm

I know that we all care most about healthy pregnancies, joyful births and thriving babies… but a girl’s gotta take a break now and then to indulge in some clothes.  My mom and I just returned from fashion week, where we shop ahead for our maternity and nursing designer clothing store.  Just as we start to see hints of summer’s end, we go to market to shop for Spring of 2009.  So, now I’m in the mood to talk fashion.

Our fall collections are just starting to arrive.  Key trends this fall include playful sleeves, bold colors and that full tunic/slim pants or leggings combination.  Last fall women started to get comfortable with playful sleeves.  In 2008 we’ll be embracing endless variations: lantern shapes, full kimono styles, poet sleeves, dramatic puffs and more.   If your arms aren’t your favorite asset, this is the trend for you because these full sleeve styles hide everything!

As for color, it’s bold and beautiful, ladies!  Less of the soft plums and gentle browns, more of the vivid jewel tones (sapphire, emerald, ruby) paired with gray or black for contrast.  You’ll also see lots of bold prints, often with a mod influence.  Choose a color or print that reflects your personality.  Bold color looks good on most anyone!

And then there’s the tunic concept.  Are we ready this year?  Last year all the magazines, runways and movie stars trotted around in leggings and full tunic tops.  Did you try it?  I haven’t mustered up the guts to buy leggings, but I did embrace the long, full top paired with slim jeans concept last fall.  I can tell you it’s a great way to camouflage that postpartum baby bulge!  More of that to come for fall and it’s not letting up for spring.  Go on – try it.

Well, that’s fall, but spring is on my mind as well.  I’m not allowed to publish any pictures, but I can tell you what it looks like.  Colors are bold and bright: coral, magenta, yellow, emerald green and scarlet.  Most of those colors are easy to wear, but yellow can be difficult.  One of our favorite designers used yellow in combination with navy, white and navy/white stripes to create a fun, nautical-inspired look that’s really fresh.  Dresses are very strong for spring, as well as vivid prints.  More options in organic and eco-friendly printing processes were a great surprise.  You can bet we’ll be buying those.

So that’s fashion.  I love this time of year, when fall is almost here and the holidays too.  My birthday’s in September… which is a great time to indulge in some new stylish things.


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