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Cloth Diapering Must-haves vs. Nice Extras August 12, 2008

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Our baby boutique sells lots of cloth diapers.  But, half the time, new parents just buy the diapers themselves, and I’m left scratching my head, wondering what they’ll do about the rest.  So what do you NEED and what items are optional?  Let’s talk accessories:

Absolute Must-haves:

  1. Pail Liner – a pail liner is a large washable, waterproof bag that you place inside a clean diaper pail.  The dirty nappies go in the pail liner, so that the pail itself stays clean.  I aim to keep cloth diapering as yuck-free as possible, so it’s ideal to NEVER have to clean that pail.  And, if you’re thinking you’ll rough it and clean the pail by hand, remember that you have to get the dirty diapers to the laundry room in something.  Are you going to lug a rigid diaper pail or carry a much more manageable diaper pail liner?  That’s what I thought.  Toss the liner in with the diapers and leave all the dirty work to your machine.
  2. Extra Inserts – most cloth diapers, including BumGenius One-size Pocket Diapers, include absorbent inserts sufficient for day-time wetting.  If you’re diapering a baby over 2-3 months old, you need to purchase a few extra inserts (4-6) for overnight use or anytime your baby goes longer than usual between changes.  When prepping a diaper that your child will wear overnight, put two inserts in the diaper to ensure a dry morning.
  3. Cloth Wipes – if you’re going to use cloth diapers, you should be using cloth wipes.  After you think about it, you’ll realize this is fairly obvious.  Besides the fact that disposable wipes contain harsh chemicals and aren’t eco-friendly, they would also require a trash can by your changing area, in addition to your diaper pail.  Using cloth wipes means one less stinky trash can in your life.  It also means that you never run out and you can use as many as you like without feeling wasteful.

Nice Extras:

  1. Wetbag:  A wetbag is a washable, waterproof little bag that is used for storing dirty diapers when you’re out and about.  I always keep a small wetbag in my purse.  When Liam’s at grandmas, I send along a large wetbag to stash a full day of diapers.  Now, you can use plastic grocery bags instead of a wetbag.  But, hopefully you don’t have too many of those around because you use a reusable shopping bag and donate your extra plastic bags to farmers markets and the like.  Truth is, a wetbag is just so  much cuter than a plastic bag.  I’ll take what I can get to make diaper-changing more enjoyable!  Plus, ours have zipper closure, which is so easy and contains smells wonderfully. 
  2. Cloth Wipes spray or solution – Many stores offer a cloth wipes wetting solution with natural essential oils designed to freshen and clean baby’s bottom.  Our BumGenius Bottom Spray is quite popular!  These solutions are nice for you (fresh scent) and baby (healing ingredients).  However, you can get by with plain water to wetten your wipes. 
  3. Diaper Sprayer – Ah, the diaper sprayer – queen of cloth diapering accessories.  This smart contraption connects a spray nozzle to your toilet plumbing so you can rinse off soiled diapers with clean water right into your toilet.  If you try a diaper sprayer you’ll never go back.  Diapers get cleaner with less “yuck” factor in no time flat.  Clearly, though, people have been cloth diapering without a diaper sprayer for quite some time.  Whether you shake that diaper or do the dunk (ewww, not recommended), you can get a diaper ready for the diaper pail without a diaper sprayer. 

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