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“Pregnancy Brain” is a Real Phenomenon! August 7, 2008

Filed under: Pregnancy — Rachel @ 2:45 pm

I don’t know how many times I’ve witnessed the attack of “pregnancy brain”.  Now, if you’ve been pregnant before, you know what I mean.  All of a sudden simple information that you know is totally gone.  Trying to share a book title with a friend?  Struggling to recall the name that goes with that familiar face? 

Well, let me share the good news:  researchers have found that “pregnancy brain” is a real phenomenon – oh and post-partum brain too!  That’s right they observed that pregnancy “impairs certain measures of memory, especially recall…  Also impacted: the ‘executive cognitive control’ that enables us to multitask. (Fit Pregnancy, Aug/Sep issue)”  So, next time you find yourself floundering to recall a brand name or frazzled by managing your children and your chores, take heart that you are a helpless victim of “pregnancy brain”!

P.S.  Mental fuzziness and unusual difficulty with multitasking may last up to 12 months post-partum.  Give yourself a break and don’t neglect to claim “pregnancy brain” excuses.  🙂


One Response to ““Pregnancy Brain” is a Real Phenomenon!”

  1. lol in my case it seems to be lasting at least two years, possibly longer but only time will tell!!

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