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Enter to Win a FREE Mambino Organics Mommy Care Pack! August 5, 2008

Filed under: Giveaways — Rachel @ 2:16 pm

What’s up for grabs this August?  A luxurious gift set from Mambino Organics, recently awarded iParenting Media Award’s “2008 Outstanding Products” award.  Whether your bun is still in the oven or your baby is bouncing on your hip, the Mommy Care Pack ($76) includes three full-sized yummy products you’ll love:

oh baby! belly butter – A rich, luxurious blend of nature’s most nourishing and healing botanicals.  Softens the appearance of old and prevents new stretch marks.
youth glow™ omega face complex – A light weight, fast absorbing oil, rich in essential fatty acids and natural antioxidants.  Awakens the skin to radiant, youthful glow
moisture me™ body toning oil – A light refreshing body toning oil.  Boosts collagen production, firming trouble spots in the stomach, decollete, arms and legs.

Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it mama?  Gotta love the chic packaging too.  And best of all, Mambino Organics products are made with the highest-quality ingredients, free of preservatives, artificial fragrances, and the like that make typical cosmetics unsuitable for pregnant mommies (or any woman in-the-know).

Mambino Organics isn’t just another skin care line, it’s the absolute passion of LA’s top Aesthetician, Maki Maodus. Maki is the facialist to some of the most well known faces in Hollywood, is at the top of her field and in high demand at the world famous Ole Henriksen Face/Body Spa in West Hollywood, CA.  Ready for the red carpet treatment?

Enter to Win! We are giving away one Mambino Organics Mama Care Pack.  Entering is free and no purchase is necessary. To enter answer: “What one thing do you like most about Mambino Organics products?”  Do so by adding your comment below.  Enter now through August 31st. We’ll choose one random winner! 

Euphoria will pay shipping. Winner will be notified by email, at which point a shipping address will be requested.


24 Responses to “Enter to Win a FREE Mambino Organics Mommy Care Pack!”

  1. brooke Says:

    I love the fact that they are organic!

  2. Heather Says:

    I love the stylish packaging!

  3. hope Says:

    I love that they are made of the highest-quality ingredients, and free of preservatives and artificial fragrances. This makes Mambino Organics great for sensitive skin and attractive for those who want to go au naturel! Lovely packaging is definitely a bonus! My first baby is due this October and this would be a great treat. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  4. bobbi Says:

    I love the fact that they’re natural and SAFE!

  5. completelyme Says:

    I love the rich, organic ingredients used in Mambino products. I also like that the products were developed by an aesthetician who is a facialist to some of the most well known faces in Hollywood.

  6. Laura Says:

    I love the fact I don’t have to worry about preservatives and other harmful additives. There are too many other things to be concerned with as a parent!

  7. Julie Kenyon Says:

    I love anything that boosts collagen production! I

  8. Kathy Conley Says:

    I like that these are suitable for pregnant women and contain nothing harmful!

  9. Maja Says:

    I love it that there are no artifical frangrances. Totally gentle.

  10. CAROLYN Says:

    I love the natural ingredients!

  11. Cori Westphal Says:

    MMMMmmmm. These sound good enough to eat! And every organic thing you support, makes a difference. And I have very sensitive skin so no artificial fragrances is an awesome thing! Thanks for the great contest!

  12. Cindy Flores Says:

    I like that they are organic, but I am excited to see that Mambino was awarded the iParenting Media Award – 2008 Outstanding Products!! Congratulations! I would be pround to be seen using these products. Keep up the aswesome work!!

  13. Claudia M Says:

    i love the high quality products and that they are organic ! I could use some pampering 🙂 thanks for this great giveaway!

  14. Adriana Bonetti Says:

    I love it because it doesn’t contain toxic ingredients that will harm my baby – besides, anything that makes me feel beautiful will make both myself (and the baby) happier than ever!

  15. kari Says:

    Oh Baby! Belly Butter makes my skin feel great.

  16. sarah Says:

    i like that this is organic and safe for use by pregnant women.

  17. bunnyb Says:

    I love that it’s organic and safe as I’m the type that has sensitive skin! Thanks!

  18. Daphne Says:

    I love that they are very nouiushering and add lots of moistur eto your skin.

  19. sandra kao Says:

    helps the pregnant mommy feel pretty

  20. kathy pease Says:

    i love that they let mom pamper herself now and then 🙂

  21. Amy Parsons Says:

    They are natural, safe and stylish.

  22. Carrie Says:

    It is an all around good item–from the product to the packaging.

  23. judy brittle Says:

    I love that is so completely organic and natural. Plus if its good enough for Hollywood its good enough for me. Thank you so much!

  24. audrey b Says:

    I love the price for the natural products, they seem pretty reasonable while there shouldn’t be a price on the safety of your unborn child, it’s hard to spend a fortune on skincare products.

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