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Herbs for a Healthy Uterus July 17, 2008

Filed under: Pregnancy — Rachel @ 2:09 pm

Have you ever heard of Red Raspberry leaf? The good mamas at Earth Mama Angel Baby know all about it. The leaf of the red raspberry plant is widely used as a uterine tonic. That means that ingesting this herb in the form of a tea or vitamin, for example, helps to tone the tissue of the uterus, allowing it to undergo the incredible changes of pregnancy with greater ease and prepping it for that all-important birth-day. So, forget about working those abs, you should be toning your uterus!

But, red raspberry leaf is not just for pregnancy. Here’s some herbal wisdom from Katherine Ziemen, a Naturopathic Doctor and a Licensed Midwife on Earth Mama Angel Baby’s panel of experts, “Postpartum, astringent uterine tonics like Red Raspberry Leaf and Lady’s Mantle act like a refreshing splash of cool water, tightening the tissue and removing inflammation or bogginess. A good uterine tonic may help regulate the imbalances some women suffer during menstruation. If this all-important organ is kept in tip-top shape the likelihood of sailing through the monthly cycle problem-free is greatly increased.”

If you like tea, iced or hot, Earth Mama Angel Baby’s products are excellent sources of Red Raspberry Leaf and other herbs for woman’s health:

  • Third Trimester Tea features Red Raspberry Leaf and a powerful organic blend of nettles, alfalfa, oatstraw, chamomile, and rose hips to naturally help prepare your body for birth.
  • Postpartum Tea (safe while breastfeeding) contains astringent herbs (like Red Raspberry Leaf and Lady’s Mantle!) to help tone the uterus, while others nourish, calm and balance brand new mamas. Postpartum Tea is also helpful to ease the monthly crampy grumpies for any of our menstruating mates out there.
  • Milkmaid Tea combines Red Raspberry Leaf with natural galactagogues, herbs traditionally used to help increase breast milk supply.

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