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How to choose a Healthy Baby Bottle July 10, 2008

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As a boutique-owner, I am constantly contacted by manufacturers who would like us to stock their products.  There are a whole slew of BPA-free baby bottles on the market today, but we only offer two on our site at Adiri Natural Nursers and Weego Glass Bottles.  Why?   It is my philosophy to offer only the best products, that is to do the shopping and research for you so that you can get on to enjoying your life.

For those of you who love information (and if you love information, you’re probably reading my blog), I thought you may like to know why I recommend these two bottles.  So, let’s talk dirty about some of the other BPA-free bottles on the market….

Born Free:  Available in BPA-free plastic and glass, Born-free is in big box stores.  These bottles are vented, but the venting system is complex and composed of many parts to wash, track, and store.  Life should be simpler.  Adiri bottles are.  Although they are wide-neck, nothing compares to the natural feeding experience provided by the breast-shaped Adiri nipple.  For finicky babies, it’s easier to switch from breast to bottle with Adiri every time. 

Dr. Brown’s:  Available in plastic and glass, just like Born Free.  Unfortunately, they also have a complex, multi-part venting system that’s a pain in the rear, just like Born Free.  Plus, they are not available in wide-neck, which is preferable for breastfeeding babies as it encourages a proper latch. 

Green to Grow:  These bottles are cute, but have no venting system.  Users have reported frequent nipple collapse (when baby sucks the nipple flattens), which is no fun for anyone.  Plus, the cuteness factor should be weighed against the fact that they are made from polyethersulfone (P.E.S.) plastic, which scratches VERY easily.  Popular retailers even mention that they may arrive scratched when brand new! 

Think Baby:  Think baby bottles do have a venting system, and it’s not so part-intensive like Born Free.  However, they are made out of polyethersulfone (P.E.S.) plastic, just like Green to Grow, so they get all scratched up with gentle use.  Bummer.  I still might consider these for my store if it wasn’t for the fact that Adiri bottles are just so much better for breastfeeding babies.   It happens all the time: parents stock up on one bottle system only to find that baby completely rejects it.  I feel confident that Adiri bottles, with their breast shape and tactile nipple, will be the right bottle the first time.

“What about your Weego Glass Bottles?” you may ask.  Some parents are so fed up with plastic, that they’d prefer to use glass and take no chemical risks.  Weego bottles are naturally BPA-free, since they’re made from glass.  As opposed to a simple glass bottle (such as those offered by Evenflo, Dr. Brown’s or Born Free), Weego glass bottles have a colorful silicone sleeve that protects the bottle from breaking.  I’ve dropped one from my full height onto a wooden floor and nothing happened.  So, Weego bottles are safe… but really, they’re just so adorable!!!  How could I resist that?


In summary, when you’re deciding on the best bottle for your baby, keep these factors in mind:

  1. BPA-free, of course
  2. A venting system is a must.  Adiri’s system is built into the base so there are no extra parts to manage.
  3. If you plan to breastfeed, look for a wide-necked nipple.  Adiri Natural Nursers mimic the breastfeeding experience better than anyone, hands down.
  4. An attractive bottle would be nice…  Adiri bottles are very scratch-resistant and rather modern-looking too. 

One Response to “How to choose a Healthy Baby Bottle”

  1. Allyssa Says:

    We use the Gerber Gentle Flow bottles, which are also BPA-free and identical to Avent…you can even use the Avent collar and/or nipple if you prefer. Just thought I would throw that one out there. They are also pretty inexpensive by comparison, though a little hard to find. We had to get ours from because our local stores did not carry them.

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