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Non-toxic, BPA-free Pacifiers July 3, 2008

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Pacifiers are not immune to the BPA toxicity issue.  I used Avent pacifiers, which had BPA contaminated plastic backings.  Sigh….  My baby no longer uses pacifiers, but I decided to do some research into safe, non-toxic pacifiers to share with my readers.

If you’re going to buy a conventional pacifier, choose one with a clear silicone nipple.  Silicone is healthier than the synthetic rubber nipples.  Next, check the backing (the hard plastic part to which the nipple attaches).  If it’s clear, hard plastic, it’s probably contaminated with bisphenol-A.  Since baby will treat the pacifier like a toy, mouthing it all over, and breath against the backing when she’s sucking, you do not want to risk the health damages associated with products that contain BPA. 

Now, if you’re looking for the ultimate, non-toxic and eco-friendly pacifier, I definitely recommend those by Natursutten.  Natursutten is a European company that manufactures products in Germany.  Their baby pacifiers and teethers are certified to European safety standards, which are far more progressive and strict than US ones. just started stocking Natursutten’s all natural rubber pacifiers.  They’re molded in one piece, which is super-hygienic.  Mamas know who conventional pacifiers have all those cracks and joints that trap gunk.  Best of all, they’re made from real tree rubber and are completely free of BPA, phthalates, and any chemical nasties. 

Check back later for another post with tips on:

  • How to use pacifiers without creating total dependency
  • How to stop using pacifiers at 12 months old without causing emotional distress

2 Responses to “Non-toxic, BPA-free Pacifiers”

  1. Samantha Says:

    Hey these are way cool! Thanks for the education. My DD is not using a paci but this would have been good to know.

  2. westmama Says:

    My baby loves this paci… I was planning on blogging about it as some of my “must-haves” for babies.
    The only bad thing is they turn an ugly brown color shortly after using them, and the edges kind of get gunky… they actually require more careful cleaning IMO.

    On a side note: our cats love them too, so they often go missing, only to be returned with teeth marks in them.

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