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Enter to win a FREE Bravado Breastfeeding Prize Package! July 1, 2008

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Tags: , , to breastfeed or already going strong? Either way you’d be lucky to win this giveaway! Euphoria is thrilled to offer one lucky mama three of Bravado’s best products for nursing moms: the Original Nursing bra, the Lifestyle bra, and the Essential Nursing Bra Top.

Look, the reality is that when you’re breastfeeding, you’ll be accessing your boobies all day long. Did you think you’d just pull down your normal bra or make due with a cheap nursing bra from a big box store? Think again. In the beginning it’s normal to feed baby every 1-3 hours! A conventional bra, not designed with nursing access, is sure to get trashed quick. What’s more, all that pulling and straining only puts pressure on your breasts, which can lead to infection. You need something made with quality fabrics and designed by people who know nursing. No one knows nursing like Bravado.

I love to recommend the Original Nursing Bra to new mamas. No other bra provides such thorough support, while still accommodating GREAT change in your breast size. Your size can be all over the map during the transition between your third trimester and baby’s first two months. The Bravado Original Nursing Bra has been around for a long time, and it’s still the most popular nursing bra on the market today. You can use it’s clip-down or pull-aside nursing access. It’s supportive enough for the day and comfy enough for a sleep bra too!

Bravado debuted the Lifestyle Bra when happy customers demanded a pretty nursing bra that still featured Bravado’s expert fit. The Bravado Lifestyle bra is more suited to established nursing moms, whose breast size has stabilized. It’s a seamless bra that’s great under t-shirts. Our lucky winner will win a white Lifestyle Bra to round out her breastfeeding support wardrobe.

Last, but not least, we are including a Bravado Essential Nursing Bra Tank in our Breastfeeding Prize Package giveaway. This is my favorite Bravado design. I hate how most tanks with built-in “bras” really give no support and create no separation. Bravado’s a bra company, so their Bra Tank has a REAL bra in it. You look great. You feel great. You don’t have to wear a bra with it!!! I wore this top to bed just about every night, because it’s the perfect all-in-one nursing top. Of course, it’s actually designed to be worn during the day, so pretty much wear it whenever it’s clean! We offer the Essential Nursing Bra Tank in white, black, brown, ice blue, pink, and ruby red. The winner may choose her favorite color and size!

Enter to Win! We are giving away one Bravado Breastfeeding Prize Package.  Entering is free and no purchase is necessary. To enter answer: “What are you looking for in the perfect nursing bra?” Do so by adding your comment below.  Enter now through July 31st. We’ll choose one random winner! 

Euphoria will pay shipping. Winner will be notified by email, at which point a shipping address will be requested.


44 Responses to “Enter to win a FREE Bravado Breastfeeding Prize Package!”

  1. brooke Says:

    I am looking for comfort and versatility. I have heard great things about the Bravado bras!

  2. Rose Says:

    Comfort and can be worn under a tight white tshirt with out bunching or drawing emphasis.

  3. Tali Says:

    i would love this bra package! i had a breast feeding class at my birth center last night and the instructors raved about these bras. they talked about the wonderful give, while still being supportive. and i’m going to need that as i’m already a DD and i’m about to give birth in 2 weeks or so! thanks!

  4. Carla Pullum Says:

    Looking for comfortable one! Important!

  5. Nicole Says:

    Comfort! Thats all I care about 🙂

  6. Raluca Ploog Says:

    Comfort is a must, but I also need a bra that has “easy access,” since you have to work it w/one hand, and be quick about it.

  7. Ashley Says:

    I want a nursing bra that is comfortable and easy to open, but still looks nice.

  8. Jessica Says:

    First and foremost, it must be easy to flip open and shut with one hand.. besides that comfort and sufficient support!

  9. Sarah Kelly Says:

    I love a nursing bra that is comfortable and easy to use. I also like for it to have a normal look under clothes. Some are too thin exposing nursing pads or are too thick and bunch funny.

  10. Chihiro Says:

    Since it’s the one time I have fantastic sized boobs, I’m looking for the proper support to look fantastic too!

  11. Ashley Says:

    I am yet to find a good nursing bra. I am looking for one that is not only comfortable on on my shoulders, and everywhere else, but will also give a ton of support. Also one that opens and closes easily and discreetly.

  12. Melissa Routt Says:

    I’m looking for comfort, support, ease of use, and looks good.

  13. Jo Says:

    I want a nursing bra that makes me feel comfortable and look awesome, and gets the boob to the baby in no time flat.

  14. Emily Says:

    I have a one-month old and would love to be able to use these items…

  15. Amanda Says:

    I’m looking for comfort and affordability.

  16. Angela D. Says:

    I’m desperately searching for a nursing bra that is comfortable, supportive and durable. In the last few months of breastfeeding I have worn two nursing bras threadbare, ripped one, tossed one that was uncomfortable and tossed another two that had zero support. These bras sound like a dream come true!

  17. Dani Says:

    Nice giveaway. Would love a comfortable nursing bra!

  18. Melissa Says:

    I would love to be comfortable!!!!

  19. Carla Says:

    I want something that supports me as well as my pre-pregnancy bras did. I have their lifestyle bra and loooooooove it!

  20. Nancy in HI Says:

    Free bras. Yup, that’s what I am looking for in a nursing bra. Because my friend is pregnant and I’d like to help her get some goodies. Everyone buys for the new baby – never the new Mommy!

  21. westmama Says:

    I am looking for something I can undo with one-hand and a bra that supports my now larger breasts. A lot of nursing bra’s oddly don’t support very well… or at least not larger breasts. I am also looking for bras that come in prettier colors.

  22. Dana Says:

    I love the Bravado nursing bras!! I am about to have baby #3 and exclusively nursed #1, 21 months and #2, 23 months, so my nursing bras are a bit worn out. I would love to add some new nursing bra’s to my collection. Well, not much of a collection, there are only 2 and they are very stretched out. I am looking for comfort, easy and quick access and durability in a nursing bra. I love the idea of the tank too, because it is hot down here in the south until at least Nov. These boobs are made for nursing, and that’s just what I’ll do, hopefully these boobs won’t squirt milk all over you.

  23. Dani Says:

    Support, straps that don’t show under a tank, and one that is good disguising nursing pads!

  24. retromamma Says:

    No one likes reattaching a cup that is cold and wet! I need a nursing bra that pulls to the side or folds down smoothly away from my breast allowing my baby to stay close and to reduce the leaks. It also needs a clasp that’s easy to detach and reattach in the dark or under a shirt with one hand (and a squirmy baby). A bra with good support will also keep nursing pads in place better than a bra that shifts around!

  25. michelle rosborough Says:

    One that fits !!!!!

  26. Carrie Says:

    If it fits, I’ll use it. If it is super comfortable, I’ll use it. If it is free, I will definately use it.

  27. Elizabeth Idzi Says:

    The bra needs to be supportive, COMFORTABLE, attractive, and cause me to always forget that I am wearing a nursing bra….and a bra that uses organic cotton would be a plus as well…

  28. Jessyca Says:

    I want to find a comfortable and organic nursing bra, esp for the ngiht time. I used bravado for my first child and I love it…now i have a little bigger units, I would like help….

  29. Candice Says:

    I’m looking for something that is comfortable, easy to use and discreet. I don’t want to have to bare it all to feed.

  30. Erin Says:

    If I’m going to wear a bra for 24 hours a day, it better be a comfy one!

  31. I have nursed six children and am curently nursing my sixth. I have gone through many types of nursing bras. I would love to see an organic or natural cotton nursing bra that, would have a one handed snap for nursing and was thicker up front and not as thin in the breast area as most nursing bras and exposes your breasts through your cotton shirts. It has to be comfortable and not have plastic underwires to irritate your skin. Also it has to go up to big ladies sizes.

  32. Penny Says:

    Free Nursing BRAS??? Sign me up!! Yep that’s right… still using my old ones from my daughter 4 years ago!! I want comfort, versatility, sexability, and support.

  33. Ana Says:

    I would like the confortable but more important that the material dont hurt my sensitive skin and also dont retend the smell of the liquid!

  34. Anne Says:

    I’m looking for a nursing bra that is not only comfortable and easy to access with one hand, but also when opened there is enough room for the baby’s latch without any of the fabric getting in the way. In the past some of nursing bras would end up with spots of milk after feeding times.

  35. Janel Says:

    I want a bra that is comfortable AND that makes me look good!

  36. Terri Says:

    Parenting classes and magazines always recommend nursing bras for support & I totally agree. They’re great, but so far I haven’t found ones that are pretty, comfortable, and easy to buy. I haven’t tried yours, but would love to give them a try. I’m expecting twins by the end of the year and am going to need all the help I can get!!

  37. bunnyb Says:

    My requirements would be one that has great support, is comfy and looks good! Thanks!

  38. Katie Says:

    What am I looking for in a nursing bra? Comfort, suppot, looks good and easy to use!

  39. Jennifer Says:

    I have heard how wonderful Bravado nursing bras are–I want something with some style and comfort. I really dislike a bra that looks lumpy and bumpy under a shirt, my old nursing bras were pretty obvious, completely opposite of these!

  40. Heather Says:

    Leaks, drool, and lack of breast support – you can’t have enough nursing gear! Everything gets soiled so quickly, and non-nursing gear doesn’t provide the convenience and support you need. I need a bra that can take the beating.

  41. hong Says:

    looking for a bra that is easily accessible for breastfeeding and yet fit and feels like great.

  42. Kate Says:

    I am in search of a comfortable yet supportive nursing bra that I can undo and reconnect easily with one hand. And of course one that is comfortable no matter what size I am at a particular time of day or night!

  43. meg Says:

    I think the most important thing in a nursing bra is ease of use and practicality. There are some nursing bras that are comfortable, but don’t really function as a supportive bra. On the other hand there are some that are too supportive and uncomfortably confining. The key is finding the happy medium.

  44. Gretchen Says:

    I tried a bravado bra with my last baby, and I loved it! Glad to see I can still find a quality product!

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