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Doctor’s push to Outlaw Home Birth June 21, 2008

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On monday the American Medical Association (AMA) resolved to introduce legislation outlawing home birth, and potentially making criminals of the mothers who choose home birth with the help of Certified Professional Midwives for their families.  What?!?  At a time when the UK is pushing for MORE mothers to choose home birth, the American Medical Association (AMA) wants to take away a woman’s right to choose home birth accompanied by a licensed professional!

Why?  The AMA says that the hospital is the best place for birth.  That’s a shocking statement, given the overwhelming evidence that most women have better outcomes when attended by a midwife at home.  When healthy women partner with a midwife to birth at home, 95% give birth vaginally, with hardly any intervention.  Compare that to the escalating C-section rates in our country!  The AMA offered no evidence to support it’s claim.  Since maternity care is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States, one can’t help but surmise that their motivation is not pure. 

“Research evidence be damned, the doctors want to mandate you to go to the hospital. They don’t want you to have a choice.

We think they’re spooked. The cesarean rate is rising, celebrities are publicizing their home births (the initial wording of the AMA resolution actually took aim at Ricki for publicizing her home birth on the Today Show!), people are reading Pushed and watching The Business of Being Born, and there’s a nationwide legislative “push” to license certified professional midwives in all states (The AMA is against that, too, by the way).

The docs are on the defensive.

After all, birth is big business — it’s in fact the most common reason for a woman to be admitted to the hospital. And if more women start giving birth outside of it, who will get paid? Not doctors and not hospitals.”

from Docs to Women: Pay No Attention to Ricki Lake’s Home Birth.


2 Responses to “Doctor’s push to Outlaw Home Birth”

  1. Denai Says:

    WOW, thanks for sharing this… I didn’t home birth any of my 4 children, but I am all for it! That will be a sad day in Hell when the LAW of the LAND takes over our RIGHTS… I mean come on, they can’t stop woman from abortion, why stop them from home birth….????? UGH!

  2. jessimonster Says:

    Wow. We are the most back water people in the world, aren’t we? Are we really so ignorant and afraid of change that we are going to do the opposite of what works well in all the other countries of the world just in the name of being American? Holy crap.
    Hopefully this kind of legislation wouldn’t make it very far. How would women feel if it were reversed and hospital births were outlawed? I hope everyone thinks of that and comes to the conclusion that women should be able to have babies in whatever way suits them, so long as its safer than it is dangerous.

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