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Klean Kanteen goes Kolor! June 3, 2008

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Today it arrived at – our shipment of Klean Kanteen’s new colored Sippy Cups.  Woohoo!  I’m talking pink, orange, brown, moss, blue.  Oh, the choices!  I’m glad to see Klean Kanteen pick up on the BPA-free momentum by creating a more fun, outgoing version of their popular stainless steel sippy cups.  These babies are going to be hot and we only have a few of each color.  We can’t get more until August, so you’d better get yours now!  What “kolor” will you choose?

Now for some technical stuff.  In a previous post I revealed that my favorite BPA-free sippy cup is the Foogo cup.  I have been using the Foogo, Safe Sippy, and Klean Kanteen sippy cups for months now.  I still love that the Foogo cup is insulated, but it has lost points with continued use.  I now own 4 cups total between our house and Grandma’s.  Some of the Foogo cups are really touchy on assembly.  If the four-part sippy spout system is not pressed together just right, the cups leak badly.  Otherwise, the cups still look pretty, and Liam loves his. I’ve already expressed my gripes with the Safe Sippy, so I won’t repeat them here. 

As for the Klean Kanteen, it is slowly growing in my estimation.  I appreciate that it’s sippy spout system is very easy to assemble and that it never, ever, ever leaks.  I just wish it was insulated.  But, that’s where a Built NY Tote comes in handy.  Now that Klean Kanteen is doing color, I wish I had a reason to get another sippy cup.  I’d have to go for the orange.  It’s a warm, gentle orange that makes me think of pumpkin pie.   Yum!



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