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Enter to win a FREE Beco Butterfly Baby Carrier! June 2, 2008

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That’s right, I’m so, so, so excited to be giving away not one, but two Beco Baby Carriers from this June!  If you haven’t already heard, Beco baby carriers are the most comfortable, most adorable baby carrier around.  They come in many fabulous prints.  Since getting my Butterfly Beco this January, my stroller has been missing out on the action.  If you’ve tried the Bjorn or a wrap like the Moby Wrap, you are in for a surpise when you try on a Beco.  It’s just completely, entirely, amazingly better!  Waaaaaay more comfy than the Bjorn or most frontpack carriers and so much easier to use than a wrap.  

We’re giving away one Ethan and one Chloe Beco Butterfly Carrier.  The Ethan is a yellow honeycomb print and the Chloe is a dark brown background with large pink dots.  Both carriers are designed for newborn to 45 pounds.  Wear baby in the front or back carry positions.  Each Beco Butterfly is warrantied for 1 year and comes with a instructional booklet and DVD. 

Enter to Win! We are giving away two Beco Butterfly Carriers (one per winner)!  Entering is free and no purchase is necessary.  Just tell us why you would choose the Beco Butterfly Baby Carrier!  Do so by adding your comment below.  Don’t forget to tell us if you’d like the Ethan or Chloe (you cannot enter to win both).  Enter now through June 30th.  We’ll choose two random winners: one from those who want the Ethan and one from those who want the Chloe! 

Euphoria will pay shipping.  Winners will be notified by email, at which point a shipping address will be requested.


101 Responses to “Enter to win a FREE Beco Butterfly Baby Carrier!”

  1. Desiree Briones Says:

    Your site is so informative. Thank you so much for taking time to explain every aspect of your products honestly. I love the way this carrier looks! It is stylish like a wrap, but looks less complicated. And if you say that it is more comfy than most carriers, I believe it. This site hasn’t let us astray before! If we won the Chloe, my daughter could be close to me at all times! I would gladly leave my stroller in the trunk for that!

  2. Erin DeStratis Says:

    The Beco baby carrier has been on the top of my wishlist for months! They are totally stylish and seem so well designed. We currently use a front carrier that gives me a backache. I would also love to have the option of carrying my little guy on my back. We would love either carrier, do I need to enter twice?!

  3. bunnyb Says:

    I would choose this carrier because it looks clean and simple. It also look comfortable and neat. If I won, I would love an Ethan! Thank you so much for the chance!

  4. Rachel Says:

    Hello, Erin! I’ll enter you in for whichever carrier has the fewest participants. Good luck!!!

  5. Allyssa Says:

    I would love the Ethan carrier. My husband just got a platapum (sp?), and won’t share. Our son is getting too heavy for my sling, but he still wants to be carried all the time. These carriers are so cute!

  6. 2Pink1Blue Says:

    I would love a Beco Butterfly Ethan for my little guy! I am not coordinated enough to get him on my back with my other carriers and the buzz about the Beco is hot! We are always on the go with three kids and the baby needs to be in on the action. I’d love to add it to my collection or rather, just have it be my one and only in the collection.

  7. Tali Says:

    I would love a Beco Baby carrier!!!! When I sampled them at a store, this carrier hands down was the simplest and most comfortable while I held my fake baby doll in it! I would love the Ethan carrier as I’m due in July with my first and we opted out of finding out the “flavor!”

  8. Nikki Says:

    I have been researching baby carriers for a few weeks since my son has grown out of his infant sling. I really want to try a Beco, I have heard wonderful things about them from friends who have one. I would love to win the Ethan because unfortunately money is too tight right now for my to buy one.

  9. Kim B Says:

    I love the way the Beco Butterfly looks! It’s so much sleeker and less bulky than the Ergo (and I’m not all that thrilled with Ergo’s business practices). I’ve tried on Ergos and I look kind of like a chubby linebacker in them. On top of that, my bjorn is killing my back and my baby’s only 12 pounds! Can’t imagine how it will feel as she gets bigger… I’d love the the Chloe.

  10. Jessica Says:

    I would love to win the Becco Ethan Carrier for my little guy, who’s not so little any more. He is 10 months old, weighs 25 lbs and loves to be carried! Thank you for the chance to win this great carrier

  11. Carrie Says:

    I have been told by a friend that the Beco carrier is the way to go. It looks very simple yet stylish. I would go for the Ethan if I won.

  12. Kris Says:

    I would like to win the Beco Carrier in Ethan, it looks so much easier than the wraps i’ve seen.

  13. Lisa Nobles Says:

    I love carrying my baby but my baby bjorn is not as versatile or comfortable as I would like it to be. I’d love to have the Ethan Butterfly Beco carrier so that I can continue to wear my baby wherever we go!

  14. Carol Says:

    I’d love a Chloe to be able to carry around my daughter when we go for long walks. Thanks!

  15. Janel Says:

    I’d love the Chloe! True, I’ve already got a Beco, but I’d love another one so I could have more color-coordinating choices. The prints can be addicting!

  16. Sheryl Says:

    I’ve been using the “old standard” Bjorn. It’s, at best uncomfortable, but all the research points to the bEco – comfortable, flexible and convenient – all wrapped up in a stylish package. I’d love the gender neutral Ethan, great on the front for my newborn and perfect on the back for the 21 month old sibling! Bye bye Bjorn!

  17. Jeanne Matthews Says:

    The Ethan yellow carrier is unisex, and I love the versatility.

  18. Jill Schalesky Says:

    Hi Rachel, I would love to win the Ethan Beco carrier. Janel says it is the best thing since chocolate, and that is saying A LOT! We are due in November and althogh I used a Moby and a sling, and my husband the Bjorn, the Beco seems comforatbale for mom and baby (the sling hurt my shoulder…). Thanks for the opportunity to win! Jill

  19. Marlene Says:

    We’d love the Chloe carrier because my daughter’s name is Chloe and it looks really comfortable!

  20. Erica Says:

    I would like to win the Chloe Beco. I love pink and brown together, and I think this is a really nice looking baby carrier!

  21. Susan Nawyn Says:

    How fun to give away such great carriers! I’m digging the Chloe, but really like them all… thanks for always keeping me up to date on the best baby products! – Susan

  22. Rebecca Huser Says:

    I ran across the Beco when I was doing research to find
    a carrier that would work best for me. By far the Beco is the most stylish one I have seen. The Beco would make my life so much easier. I have a 3 month old baby girl who loves to be held. She wakes up as soon as I try to to put her down. If I had a Beco I could chase my 3 year old while holding my baby. A happy baby equals a happy Mommy!! Thanks!! Chloe.

  23. Tif Says:

    I just ordered one for myself and would love to get on for my pregnant friend. I am convinced these might be the greatest baby carriers out there. She is having a boy, so the Ethan would be more suiting. Thanks

  24. Raluca Ploog Says:

    I would choose the Ethan. The print alone is unique…of course the carrier is probably the most comfortable out there. Thanks for this opportunity to enter. ~ Raluca

  25. Sandy Isai Says:

    I would love the Beco carrier for my sister who definitely needs it…she has a 6 month old; said her Baby Bjorn hurt her back, and the BECO looks to be more comfortable to wear. The Ethan would be perfect! Thanks.

  26. Michelle Says:

    I love the Ethan. It is adorable! I have a really bad back, and it looks as if the Beco is way better for your back. Plus, the Ethan is way more adorable than the Baby Bjorn.

  27. Amy Says:

    This is such a great site! Always full of information. I am loving the Ethan.

  28. Elizabeth Gray Says:

    I have tried every baby carrier imaginable. The sling, the moby wrap, baby Bjorn etc and they all hurt my back as my daughter is a baby that demands to be carried (and she’s only 2 months old)!!! As a mom of 3 I cannot be using an uncomfortable carrier all day every day. A friend of mine told me about this carrier and I would love one. Winning one would be amazing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Chloe print…

    Thank you,


  29. Dana Z. Says:

    I am committed to wearing my baby. It is my only choice. I already have 2 children and they will need my arms once #3 is born. I didn’t know about carriers until my 2nd was born and I love my Moby wrap, but would love to try more carriers and yours sounds like it is great. I prefer the Ethan model. I am sure my oldest (a daughter) will want 1 too–the doll carrier may be in her future. ~Dana

  30. Leticia Says:

    I would love a Beco carrier in the chloe print. I have heard great things about them on the sites I have visited. I used a Bjorn with my son and it was uncomfortable for me. My friend has an Ergo carrier but I heard the beco is more comfortable. I have never tried either of them. I would love the opportunity to get a free one or even one at a discount since the price is a little over my buget.

  31. Heidi Says:

    The Chloe would be PERFECT for my 2 mo. old! The carriers are the way to go to stay close to my baby. I tried it on and both baby Jacquie and I LOVED it!! I want to not have to hassle with our stroller. Thank you for this opportunity.

    Heidi and baby Jaqueline.

  32. Michael Colburn Says:

    Being a father of 3 I know that my wife would love the Beco Carrier with Chloe Pattern! The Ergonomic Design would be completely beneficial to her! Anything that would make it easier for her would help our growing family! My sister in law has one and raves about how great they are! I just know after hearing about it from her that my wife would just love to have one! We do have 3 kids so her having the little one in the Beco Carrier would leave her arms free with our other two young ones!

  33. Jennifer Ewing Says:

    My baby’s comfort is of the utmost priority, a concept that tends to leave my own body in harm’s way. Life as a mother of three is difficult enough with all the bending, lifting, and carrying. I make worthwhile sacrifices for the benefit of my little ones and sleep through the night (well, most of the night) knowing the difference that makes. Mothers appreciate the smallest things in the biggest ways! This carrier would be a gigantic help to me in every respect. The Chloe pattern is just lovely.

    Bless any company helping mothers!

  34. Jewel Harland Says:

    This type of carrier is perfect for the mom with more than one toddler and an infant to pay attention to while shopping, at the park, in crowds, etc.
    The Chloe pattern reminds me of my grandmother’s quilting bee on sundays.

  35. Grace Says:

    A whole group of moms I know have the Beco carrier and they LOVE it. I have a 4 month old boy, so the Ethan would be fantastic to carry him around in!

  36. Alexandra Says:

    The Etan would be perfect…it will help with carrying the 7-month-old, and run around after the 2-year-old. Thanks.

  37. Aimee Hays Says:

    I would love to win the butterfly in chloe. I have a 5 week old and can’t seem to get the hang of the sling. I need to strap the baby on and chase my 4 year old.

  38. Valerie Says:

    The beco butterfly’s are beautiful carriers. I would love to have the Ethan to carry my little guy around in! His name is Ethan so I think that would be kinda neat. He loves being carried, not a fan of riding in anything other than his Mam’s arms (or Dad’s if he is around) and I love keeping him close to me. I currently have a pouch sling and he still fits in a hip carry but it is just not as comfy as it use to be. I have been keeping my eyes on these carriers, but we just don’t have the extra $ to spend right now. This carrier would be greatly appreciated and well loved and used for Ethan now and I am sure for future babies!
    Thank you!!

  39. Kelly Bouchard Says:

    I’m pregnant with my first and my sister has convinced me to get the Beco carrier, although after reading all of the reviews, I didn’t need too much convincing. I am going to buy one for myself, but what a sweet surprise to be able to win a free one for her! My nephew is almost a year old now and will look great in the honeycomb pattern. Thanks for raffeling these off!

  40. Lane Says:

    i’d love to put my new baby in the ethan carrier and chase after my three year old! the other slings and packs are not so comfortable as the becos, i could give those away!

  41. Laura Says:

    I would love the Ethan carrier as it would work well with boys or girls as well as work well for mothers or fathers who might be wearing the little ones! What an exciting offer!

  42. Chihiro Says:

    Ethan!!! Because Beco makes a great carrier and Ethan is a great name.

  43. Holly Says:

    I would love the Ethan wrap. The wrap looks comfortable for both baby and Mom and I LOVE the bright yellow against the blk.

    Just maybe I could use this wrap to hold the babies when I’m working in the slums of Kenya. I just can’t seem to master the African “wraps”.


  44. Amanda Says:

    What a great carrier!! My little girl and I would LOVE to use the Chloe!! She wants to be close at all times . . . which is great, but difficult when chasing after her two big brothers ages 4 and 2. I bet we could fingerpain, squish playdough, and have a fun park visit with a little help from this adorable carrier! Thanks for giving us a chance to win it!!

  45. Joann Says:

    I would love to win the ethan beco. I like that the beco has the internal seat so I don’t have to take my daughter out to have my husband carry her. All the patterns are beautiful. Thanks for the great contest! 🙂

  46. Nancy Says:

    I would love a Beco carrier. They not only look stylish, but they look like they would be comfortable on my back and most importantly for my baby. He will be my 4th, so I could use my hands free!! Thanks!

  47. Christina Leon Says:

    I would love an Ethan carrier so both my husband and I could use it. I want a Beco for back carries with my 3.5 month old. I struggle with the Mei Tai and want a beco to accomplish this!

  48. Jacqui Says:

    I would love to have a Beco. I’ve been using the Baby Bjorn Air and i really see what people mean about it hitting wrong between the baby’s legs. I have a 3 year old boy and a 3 month old boy. I’d be grateful to win either carrier, but the Ethan is probably better for a boy. :o)

  49. Kyndra Says:

    I am very much wanting a Beco Butterfly. I saw your website with all the lovely patterns and then saw the contest! Please enter me. I’d love the Ethan.

    I guess i’ll have to wait to order mine to see if I’ve won!

  50. Kelly Says:

    I have a four-month old boy and have been lugging him around in the Bjorn. I recently learned about the disadvantages of that carrier, and my back has been telling me for awhile that it is time to make a change (as he already weighs 17 pounds!) Although the pink carrier is so stylin’, I don’t think my little man would be too impressed with all the pink, so therefore I’d like to enter to win the Ethan! Thanks a million for this opportunity!

  51. gwen Says:

    hi rachel!

    my vote: Chloe butterfly.

    why? i love the whole idea of lifting wesley and clare on my back, having just one carrier, and those cool saftey straps that let you put the kid in BEFORE you lift.

  52. Elizabeth Says:

    I nearly feel off my chair when I saw your giveaway! I just blogged about how badly I would like to get a Becco Butterfly but just don’t have the funds. I have four small children and REALLY, REALLY could use two extra hands!! I am a huge supporter of baby wearing and my newest little one loves to be worn. However my sling just does my shoulder in after just a short time. I have heard only wonderful things about the Beco Butterfly and truly would be estatic to win one!! With baby number four we didn’t get a baby shower and so I wasn’t able to put it on a wishlist even :(. I would love to enter for the Chloe please!

  53. Vicki Says:

    With my little girl on the way, the Chloe would be a welcome gift! I have 2 energetic sons that I homeschool so a comfortable carrier will be a must.

  54. Shannon Gray Says:

    I have been told that the Beco carriers are the best and that it is the carrier I have to have. I really like the fact that they can be used up to 40-45 lbs unlike the baby Bjorns which are only suitable up to 20-25 lbs. I am having a boy, so we would like to enter to win the Ethan carrier.

  55. Jill S Says:

    I love the Chloe print!!! I would love to have a Beco Butterfly!! I wear my daughter quite a bit, but having something that will not hurt my back would be PHENOMENAL!! I am also going to be doing quite a bit of travelling this summer (some overseas) so to be able to wear her in comfort (and style!!!) would be such a gift to my family!!!! We are having pretty serious financial issues right now, so buying one is out of the question. This would be a wonderful gift that we would appreciate for a long LONG time — since our daughter will not be our last!!!

  56. Ann Says:

    My 7 1/2 month old and I walk everywhere in our neighborhood. He gets super excited when he sees me pulling out the Baby Bjorn, but he’s quickly getting too heavy and too long for it. An Ethan Beco would help keep us out and about!

  57. Melissa Says:

    I would love to enter the contest for the Chloe! I love the different colors and patterns. I also would love the comfort.


  58. Jen Says:

    The Beco is the best carrier out there! I’ve done a lot of research and am ready to hang up my Ergo in favor of a Beco. I’d be thrilled if I were to win the Ethan Beco.

  59. Angelica Says:

    I would love to win the Chloe to carry my daughter Sienna around with me. This carrier is so stylish!

  60. Cynthia Says:

    My back is so sore from carrying my 2 month old all day. I’ve heard the Beco is wonderful and would love to win one!!! My back would GREATLY appreciate it!!! Either pattern would be awesome! Thanks! – Ethan

  61. Hope Says:

    I would love the Ethan Beco Butterfly Carrier. My baby boy is due this coming October and I’ve been reading on baby carriers. There are so many choices, and the Beco seems like the one we’re looking for! Thanks for giving us the chance 🙂

  62. Missy Roberson Says:

    I am a huge fan of babywearing and love the Beco. One of my good friends has one and they are so easy to strap a little one in, front or back carry…. plus they’re so stylish! I also have a 7 1/2 month old who loves to hike, flyfish, travel, and shop with mama this way. I love the new patterns and am anxious to get one… sign us up for the Ethan.

    Missy and baby Addison

  63. Laura R Says:

    I would love to win the Ethan. I have several friends that love their Becos and if my baby was younger, I would have already bought one. But to win one….I’d use it all the time!!

  64. Amanda I Says:

    I’d love Chloe for hikes with my family! I love that dd could stay strapped into the panel and be swapped between mom and dad more easily when one of us gets tired!

  65. Meredith W Says:

    With a two year old and another little one on the way I am looking for a fabulously, functional carrier to help me out. I met a woman in the grocery store with a Beco carrier, and she convinced me I needed one before I even finished unpacking my fruits! Ethan

  66. Patti Says:

    I would love to win the Ethan Beco Butterfly carrier! After all the reading I’ve done while hunting for my first back carrier, this one sounds like a great fit for a petite mom like me. Thanks!

  67. i have been using an ergo carrier for my daughter and have loved the style of the carrier. but once i saw your website and now that i am pregnant again, i MUST have a Beco, a much cuter carrier. i love all of the patterns you carry, they are so stylish! i am hoping for a boy so i would love to win the ethan beco!

  68. Camille Stauffer Says:

    I would love to win an Ethan carrier. It sounds like the perfect match for both my husband and myself, and I like the versatility of being able to wear it on your back or front. It seems like the comfortable choice for longer activities, watching both kids, when I’m following my other child around the playground, but don’t want to push a stroller around or pull out the Kelty. Beco sounds like the way to go!

  69. Jamie Says:

    With a three and four year old and one on the way the Beco carrier would be a great help in keeping up with my two very active children. It looks so comfortable! The Ethan.

  70. Amy Says:

    I would love to win the Ethan carrier for my third child as my other carrier is worn out after two kids!

  71. Amy Says:

    Padded straps, easily adjustable, and the coolest fabrics… you might just be able to wear this one out to dinner after a day hike! I’m pregnant with my third, a girl, and have been babywearing since the first so I know how important a good, comfortable carrier is, and it only gets more important as you have more kids around and more to keep your hands full! I’d love to own the Chloe — thanks so much for the contest.

  72. Laura Says:

    I’m pregnant, due in September, and have had several friends rave about the Beco, so of course, I would love to have one for our new arrival. They look so much more comfortable than many of the other carriers out there, and more versatile! I’d like to put my name in the drawing for the Chloe pattern. Thanks for the offer and GREAT site!

  73. Matt Says:

    My wife is pregnant and has been looking at these. They look great. I think she would like the Chloe version if I am chosen. Thanks!

  74. Jennifer Says:

    I have a number of carriers and they all hurt my back! Today I met a woman who had 5 kids and says the Beco has never hurt her back so that was confirmation enough for me and would love to win the Chloe. Thanks…

  75. Joan Says:

    My 7 month old and I love getting out and running errands together. It is such a hassle sometimes to pull out a stroller. The Ethan carrier would be a great addition to our outtings!!

  76. sophie Says:

    It’s my third child, and this sling is that I miss! It seems really easy to use and looks modern. The Ethan would be great for my Sam.

  77. Siobhan Says:

    Carriers enable me to be close to my 2 month old and still chase after her 3 year old sister. I’m currently using a Hot Sling. I love having a stylish carrier, but it is killing my back. I have heard so many great things about the Beco. Style and comfort all in one carrier! Please enter me in the Chloe giveaway.

  78. Michelle Says:

    This carrier looks so comfy and stylish. My favorite part are all the pretty designs of the Beco Cutterfly Carrier. Tough to choose, but I love the Chloe. I would love to get one. Thanks for the chance to win.

  79. Chelsea Benner Says:

    I and my lil guy would love to have a Ethan carrier!! My back is always hurting from my job and I love taking him and my dogs on walks. Pushing a stroller and 2 dogs tagging along is quite difficult at times, but we manage!! These carriers are so awesome looking and stylish!! I think it would make our lives much easier!! They have so many wonderful features!! My friend has one and I just love it!!!

  80. Kaidi Says:

    I would love to win the Ethan carrier… my son is about to turn one and our second is on the way, due at the end of October. With them being so close together, I know I will need an easier carrier than the wrap I’ve been using. I really love that it looks so easy to use the Beco Butterfly on your back without someone else to help! I’ve been admiring the Beco carriers for a while and think the contest may be my only chance at enjoying one…

  81. Hannah Says:

    I would love the Ethan. I love the versatility of the BECO as to the ability to use it for my 2 yr old or my 6 month old. I have the Bjorn but it hurts my back. I would love to get a BECO for free or even a discounted one. Good luck everyone!

  82. Amy Says:

    After looking at your website my sciatica breathed a long, heavy, sigh of relief! I have two girls one 4 months and one 20 months and have tried many, many carriers and have grown weary with all. My urban babies prefer the Ethan design. I think all your designs are cool, anything to draw attention downward toward cute pattern and away from my haggard, baggy-eyed face gets a thumbs up from me!

  83. Dy-Anne Says:

    I’ve owned other carriers before and they just weren’t comfortable enough for doing the things I needed to do with the baby close to my heart (like the dishes– seriously I would try to do housework with the baby on my front when she was fussy). Now that I am having a new baby and s/he will be the youngest in a blended family with 5 other kids I will definitely be needing something much more comfortable than the other ones I’ve tried. I would love to have the Ethan cause I love the honeycomb pattern, plus not sure if this ones a girl or boy yet.

  84. Scott Says:

    I was checking out what my wife was looking at on the web for our baby-in-waiting. The Ethan is what I would definitely choose otherwise she will have to carry the baby for another 9 months.

  85. Melanie Says:

    I would love to win the Ethan baby carrier for either my 9-month old baby boy or my new baby boy due in 9 weeks! The carrier looks very comfortable and stylish like something I would actually use a lot! It is wonderful to be able to carry the baby yet have your hands free to do other tasks at the same time. All 6 of my children have loved to be toted around, as I’m sure #7 will, too, but I’ve never had a good carrier like this that I would actually use. Thanks for considering me!

  86. Becca Says:

    I had a 4th generation Beco carrier, which I LOVED dearly. My husband accidentally left it behind at the park last weekend! It was the best carrier I have ever tried and I would love to win the Ethan to replace it.

  87. David Says:

    I know my wife and I would both get a lot of use out of the Ethan carrier for our two boys.

  88. Lauren Says:

    I would love love LOVE to win the chloe beco butterfly baby carrier! We are expecting a little girl in October and this carrier is at the top of my wishlist. Not only do I love all the modern patterns, I really appreciate the fact that the carrier can hold newborn up to 55 pounds .. .that’s alot of years use out of one carrier!

  89. Jay Says:

    I just found your giveaway, and I’m getting my entry in just under the wire! I would love the Ethan because my wife and I are adopting a baby boy and wearing him will help with attachment.

    Thanks very much for the chance to win the Ethan.

  90. Jen Says:

    Wow, how exciting! I’d like to enter to win the Ethan. I’d like it because as a working mother I want my child to be with me as much as possible when I’m at home, and a comfy carrier is a must for that. Plus, the Ethan is the coolest looking carrier ever!

    Thanks for the entry.

  91. Amy P. Says:

    I would love to win the Chloe carrier! This will be my third child and I am so worried about not having enough time to bond with him. All carriers I have tried in the past have hurt my back too much to continue wearing them. The Beco Butterfly Baby Carrier looks to be the answer to my prayers. So soft and stylish looking! I hope to win this carrier to keep my new baby close, so he will not feel left out in my hectic household already booming with two toddlers.

  92. Troy Says:

    My wife has been talking about this carrier for nearly eight months of her pregnancy. I wanted to surprise her and buy her one, but it would be even sweeter to win one. We would be happy to sport either the Ethan or the Chloe whichever has better odds!

  93. Laura Says:

    Since giving birth, my daughter has struggled to put on weight. I do not want to give up breastfeeding so her pediatrician recommended that I check out a baby carrier. She said that babies who are worn gain weight at a steadier pace! I think that is pretty cool! One mother I spoke with suggested the Beco baby carrier because it was the only one that did not hurt her back (even though my daughter is a little one, I figure she will start putting on the pounds at some point and could potentially hurt my back :). So my internet search brought me to your website, which led me to the contest! We would love to win the Chloe Beco as it would hopefully encourage weight gain and thus preserve our breastfeeding relationship!!!!

  94. […] now to win a Beco Butterfly Baby Carrier.  All entries must be submitted by June 30th.  Go to the original post to enter before it’s too late! […]

  95. Melissa Talavera Says:

    I am the mom to three beautiful children. My oldest has cerebral palsy and cannot walk so I do a lot of one to one care for her. My youngest is the one I would love to have the Ethan for. He is the sweetest boy and we have a good bond but I think it would be better if I could have him closer to me when I am working with my oldest. He doesn’t understand what is going on with his sister but I want to make sure he knows I love him just as much as I love her. The most important lesson I have learned being a parent is “inclusion” no matter what.

  96. brooke Says:

    what i love about the beco carrier is that is distributes the weight of the child evenly, so you don’t kill your back or shoulders. the chloe would be my pick. adorable!

  97. Alisa Cunningham Says:

    I would love to have the ethan. I have a bjorn carrier and have never been able to use it. My back and neck get so sore, it is so uncomfortable. My Griffin is almost 20 lbs now, so I could still get a lot of use out of it. If I won I could get a lot more errands and cleaning done. I can’t put him down without him getting into everything!! I just can’t justify buying another baby carrier, so thanks for the chance to win one.

  98. Marissa Says:

    I am due to have my first baby in 2 days. I feel it is very important to have close contact as much as possible and to be able to look into each others eyes. I am also lucky to have the kind of job where I can take my baby to work with me. This would be the perfect carrier for that since it can go on my front or back. I would prefer the Ethan carrier if I was chosen since we are having a boy. Thanks for your consideration.

  99. bunnyb Says:

    I would love to win a Chloe Beco Butterfly Carrier because it looks stylish and comfortable for both the baby and parent. Awesome product! Thank you!

  100. hope Says:

    I would love to win the Ethan. It looks comfortable for both mommy and baby and best of all, it looks so cute! Thanks for giving the chance 🙂

  101. Rachel Says:

    Just a note to clarify that this giveaway closed 6/30. Sorry! Check out our current giveaway for a Bravado Nursing Prize Package.

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