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Holistic Mamas Talk Vaccines May 24, 2008

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This week I had the chance to sit down with several mamas from the Holistic Moms Network to discuss Dr. Sear’s “The Vaccine Book.”  All of us agreed that Dr. Sear’s book is a great choice for anyone interested in considering the vaccine question.  It’s to the point, relatively unbiased (if anything biased towards the western medical view), and a very easy read for a subject that’s so complicated.  So, what was our verdict?  All of us that read the book felt more confident about our choice to practice selective, delayed, or no immunizations.   Why?  Glad you asked!

  • Dr. Sears raised some concerns about the safety of vaccines that we had not yet considered: aluminum and animal/human ingredients.  Many vaccines include aluminum, a heavy metal that’s certainly toxic at some level (sound familiar?).  Dr. Sears calls for studies to be conducted to determine a safe level of injected aluminum.  This is an area that has simply been neglected.  Many vaccines also contain human or animal tissue, blood, and DNA.  Does this raise red flags for you?  It should.  They’ve already had problems with one vaccine when the animal tissues used were diseased, and passed on the disease to vaccinated children.  They can only screen the animal/human ingredients for known diseases.  Unfortunately, we still have a lot to learn and it’s likely that new diseases are emerging all the time. 
  • Dr. Sears did an excellent job of presenting statistics on your child’s risk for suffering seriously from any given “vaccine-preventable” disease – your child’s risk from not vaccinating.  He also shared statistics regarding your child’s risk for having a serious, life-altering reaction to a vaccination during the course of his or her immunization schedule – your child’s risk from vaccinating.  After reading the information carefully, we felt it more risky to vaccinate than to abstain or delay.  Keep in mind, that the mamas attending are able to breastfeed and generally keep their children out of child care situations.  These two practices greatly decrease the risk of not vaccinating.
  • As a pediatrician, Dr. Sears addresses the problem of disease primarily from a western medicine perspective.  But, his book does includes hints of a more holistic mindset.  A holistic mindset focuses on whole-body health and disease resistance fueled by an immunity-boosting lifestyle.  Mamas in our group expressed a desire to focus on safe, risk-free ways of protecting our family from disease, such as eating organically, breastfeeding extensively, taking nutritional supplements, and addressing problems with homeopathy, herbs, etc.  Instead of relying on a quick-fix shot, which carries significant risk and may undermine overall immune function, we’ll focus on fortifying and protecting the immune system from the ground up. 

Whew, that was a whole lot to say!  As you can see, it was an interesting discussion.  By the way, if you feel most comfortable with getting all recommended vaccines, Dr. Sears outlines an alternative vaccine schedule that breaks them up into safe, less aluminum-loaded doses.  It would mean lots more visits to the doctor, but it’s something to think about in the way of a compromise.


One Response to “Holistic Mamas Talk Vaccines”

  1. lizibear Says:

    Yup, I read this too…Totally love it. It helped me make my decision to be selective and delay any immunizations until 6 months…I LOVED IT!

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