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Enter to win a FREE bottle of “Perfect Prenatal” Vitamins! May 5, 2008

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Everyone knows that prenatals are important.  Take them once you start trying to get pregnant and throughout your time breastfeeding.  To give your body the best nutrition possible, choose a prenatal vitamin that’s organic and whole food, like the “Perfect Prenatal” from New Chapter.  Organic, because why ingest pesticides daily when your baby is so vulnerable?  Whole food, because the complexity of whole food will nourish your body much more effectively than the synthetic vitamins, minerals and chemical herbal isolates you’ll find in most supplements.  So it’s almost like you’re eating those leafy greens every day… almost.

Here’s what New Chapter has to say, “Perfect Prenatal delivers 23 different easily digested, energizing and protective probiotic vitamins and minerals as well as 13 stress-balancing and free-radical scavenging herbs cultured for maximum effectiveness. Herbs like lavender and lemon balm have been revered for their soothing properties while other antioxidative herbs like peppermint, clove and rose hips provide key health benefits that support and sustain.”

Pregnant mamas will appreciate that this prenatal is cultured in organic soy using nature’s most prized and studied probiotics, featuring Lactobacilli acidophilus, bifidus, rhamnosus, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. These factors make it easy to digest, even on an empty stomach.  You know, in case you’re not keeping much down these days.

Enter to Win! We are giving away THREE 180 tablet bottles of the “Perfect Prenatal”!  Entering is free and no purchase is necessary.  Just share one change you hope to make in order to have a healthy pregnancy or breastfeeding experience. Do so by adding your comment below.  Enter now through May 31st.  We’ll choose three random winners from all participants! 

Euphoria will pay shipping.  Winners will be notified by email, at which point a shipping address will be requested.


9 Responses to “Enter to win a FREE bottle of “Perfect Prenatal” Vitamins!”

  1. oh amanda Says:

    Well, vitamins is one. I never take vitamins when I’m not preggo, but I am right now! 😉

  2. Victoria Kondovski Says:

    I will eat more fruits and veggies.

  3. Chihiro Says:

    no more cookies and ice cream for me! (byebye empty calories… for now)

  4. Carrie Says:

    RELAX! and enjoy every new moment!

  5. Candy Says:

    I hope to be very relaxed when breastfeeding and to keep eating healthy and enjoy every single minute because this will be our last baby.

  6. Candy Says:

    I hope I learn to be a more relaxed person especially when I start to breastfeed my baby. I want to enjoy every minute and enjoying life is the healthiest way anyone can live!!!

  7. Cecelia Says:

    I will start walking since I did not exercise before I was pregnant and I know it will help when I am ready to delivery the baby.

  8. Miranda Says:

    Because i love you, rach…!

  9. bethany huss Says:

    because i am determined to breastfeed for 2 years this time 😉 breast is best and good vitaminy milk is better 😉

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