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The Nursing Mother’s Companion April 29, 2008

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Planning to breastfeed?  Never done it before?  Wondering how it will go?  You know I love to recommend a good book!  “The Nursing Mother’s Companion” by Kathleen Huggins is an excellent book that provides practical, reassuring advice and support for today’s expectant and nursing mothers. It includes easy-reference survival guides that help identify and resolve problems at each stage and many illustrative drawings.

“Most books about breastfeeding are heavy on nursing’s mystical rewards and light on actual technique. Huggins, a maternal nurse and professional lactation consultant, corrects the imbalance with a lucid, trouble-shooting guide… The author tackles various common and uncommon complaints about breastfeeding from inadequate milk supply, breast pain, engorgement and fussy babies to infections, allergies and breast-milk jaundice that could affect the child. In a chapter on nursing mothers who work outside of the home, Huggins offers an instructive review of breast pumps. Her reassuring, practical suggestions make this book an excellent informational companion.” – from “Publishers Weekly”

One first-time mom said:

“I’m still happily nursing my 8-month-old son, thanks in large part to this book. Our first few weeks were tough going, but Kathleen had the answers to ALL my questions, which helped me to stick with it. I wish hospitals gave this book to every new breastfeeding mom, but since they don’t, it’s going to become a standard baby shower gift from me.”

A book is a great resource for those problems that strike in the middle of the night!  But, if things aren’t going well, don’t be shy to ask a friend who’s breastfed to help.  I know it may seem a little odd to talk about your boobs, but we women who have breastfed generally don’t feel uncomfortable discussing the details with fellow moms! 


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