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Canada Get’s It April 17, 2008

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Rumours that Canada Health is taking steps to label BPA (bisphenol A) plastics as “dangerous” are sweeping through the press.  Stores across Canada are said to be pulling BPA plastics from shelves as customers continue to reject these controversial products, especially in the baby isle.  Canada’s labeling BPA as “dangerous” could be a wonderful example to the international community, paving way for potential bans, action, or regulation of the hormone mimicking chemical.  

Action north of the border may be helped along by a study released by a key U.S. government agency, the National Toxicology Program of the U.S. National Institutes of Health.  This agency is responsible for evaluating hazardous substances. Just this week, the agency released a draft report linking exposures to BPA to breast cancer and the earlier age of puberty in girls.  If you’ve heard studies say otherwise, examine their source.  Isn’t it strange that independently funded studies continue to find problems with BPA, while manufacturer’s studies show no need for concern?

We’ve already replaced our drinking containers with glass, stainless, or bpa-free plastic options.  And, although I’ve purchased some new glass Pyrex storage containers, some BPA contaminated plastic containers still linger in my cabinets.  I hereby pledge to send them to the garage to be repurposed as storage solutions for my husbands screws, bolts, and what-nots… Today!

Have you made the switch?  Purge your house of all food-related plastics with a 6 or 7 triangular plastic symbol, usually located on the bottom of your container.  No symbol at all?  Well, if it’s clear, rigid plastic it’s suspect.  Better be safe than sorry! 


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