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A Holistic Children’s Health Resource March 13, 2008

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Do you wish you had a better doctor for your baby?  I do!  Our pediatrician is not a bad doctor, but her practice is limited to treating acute illnesses or discussing typical “checklist” questions recommended by the American Pediatric Society.  I wish she had a more holistic attitude towards my child’s health and sought to inform me of issues such as BPA exposure or possible vaccine risks. 

Most parents don’t have access to a holistic pediatrician, one that uses conventional medicine while respecting alternative healing techniques and taking into consideration nutrition and environmental factors.  In my frustration over the complete nonexistance of what I consider a “progressive” pediatrician in my area, I did some searching for a children’s health resource book that might fill that void for our family.

Well, I am just thrilled with one of the books I found, “Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child” by Janet Zand.  This resource is so balanced!  It starts off by explaining the theory and practice behind a whole collection of healing practices: conventional medicine, diet, nutritional supplements, herbal treatments, homeopathy, and acupressure as they apply to children.  This was very helpful for me since I’d never heard of Bach Flower Remedies and never really understood the whole homeopathy concept.  Then, the rest of the book is a comprehensive illness by illness directory.  Look up “ear aches” and you’ll find a description of the illness helpful for diagnosis followed by treatments ideas from all the practices above. 

I appreciate that the book is holistic, but doesn’t neglect or shun conventional medicine.  But, what I was really looking for was all the “alternative” recommendations.  It’s so helpful to consider how diet might affect the problem and how simple herbal teas or nutritional supplements might relieve a chronic health challenge.  I highly recommend adding this children’s health resource to your library!


3 Responses to “A Holistic Children’s Health Resource”

  1. peakformnet Says:

    it seems that although western medicine is adept at fighting illness, there is still a great amount of information that is unknown about ourselves and holistic medicine can help where western medicine doesn’t have the answer. insightful post!

  2. kayla Says:

    wow i have never heard of this before thanks for all the great information it is much appreciated.

  3. Grace Nathan Says:

    Another amazing book I have found is Natural Healing for Baby and Child, by Andrea Candee. She’s a master herbalist, and has gentle herbal treatments and preventatives for many common ailments. I’m constantly looking up stuff in that book, from sore throat care to calming a teething baby!

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