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Enter to win a FREE set of Adiri Natural Nurser Ultimate Bottles! March 6, 2008

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Guess what?!? I had such fun giving away Slurp & Burp Nursing Cover-ups last month, that I’ve decided to make a “Bloggy Giveaway” monthly tradition.  Our designers and manufacturers are excited to jump on board!  This will be such a fun way to share some of my favorite products with you.

This month Euphoria’s Bloggy Giveaway is gifting THREE mamas with a set of Adiri Natural Nurser Ultimate Bottles. Each set will include one bottle of each stage, for a total of three bottles. Adiri’s bottles are truly ideal for the breastfeeding mama.  The one-of-a-kind soft, pliable nurser nipple mimics the real thing better than any other product on the market.  I know from my customers that this bottle helps lots of babies who have trouble transitioning between bottle and breast.  And, of course the bottles are completely BPA-free!  I appreciate that Adiri streamlined the design into three simple parts: the bottle, the base, and the lid.  It’s so nice not to have millions of parts to sort, clean and thoroughly dry.  So, that’s a lot of reasons to choose the Adiri Natural Nurser, but do you think that’s why most people buy it?  I mean, isn’t it because it looks so cool?  I’m just saying…

Enter to Win! Entering is free and no purchase is necessary.  Just tell us why you would choose the Adiri Natural Nurser Ultimate Bottles for your baby!  Do so by adding your comment below.  Enter now through March 31st.  We’ll choose a random winner from all participants! 

Euphoria will pay shipping.  Winners will be notified by email, at which point a shipping address will be requested.


35 Responses to “Enter to win a FREE set of Adiri Natural Nurser Ultimate Bottles!”

  1. Susan Nawyn Says:

    Hi Rachel!
    Well… I would choose the Adiri bottles for my baby-to-be because they are worry-free for the Green Mama! Why wouldn’t I want the best and safest for my little girl?

  2. Laura Says:

    I am so excited about the Adiri nurser! I have read the scientific research on BPA in plasitcs and it’s effects when humans ingest it. I would be crazy to choose anything for my baby that is not BPA free! And with the design of the Adiri it is easy to see why breast-feed babies take to it so well! I can’t wait to try it on my little one!

  3. Crystal Kominiak Says:

    What a unique bottle!! I have never seen anything like it before. I will be breastfeeding and these bottles look like something I would be interested in using on my baby.

  4. bethany huss Says:

    Hey rachel! what a fun Idea- well of course i love the adiri bottles – i have 4 fast flows for my toddler. i can just breathe and relax knowing that it’s so much healthier not leaching who knows what into her milk!
    well, now that baby #2 is on the way, i’d love to win this because i know i’ll put it to good use when i have to go back to work and it is also so easy for my mom to use.
    pick me pick me!!! 😉

  5. Kelly Bouchard Says:

    Hi, I’m pregnant with my first child and will be returning to work shortly after delivering. I’m planning on pumping while at work and bringing the milk home for my nanny. The Adiri bottles look like they will be the perfect transition for my situation. By the way, thanks for such an informative web site!

  6. Stephanie Shen Says:

    I would choose the Adiri Natural Nurser Bottles not only because they’re sleek and modish in style… but most importantly they are BPA-free! The fact that I don’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals leeching and have a unique and streamline design bottle to use is great! Also it’s so helpful the fact I can use these bottles, get a wink of sleep while my husband feeds our little girl, and not worry about her switching back to my breast. Honestly, the list of of why I would want to use these go on and on…

  7. Sophie Says:

    I want to do the best I can for my baby and now with the BPA scares this is a wonderful and safe alternative.

  8. Angela Lawson Says:

    I just gave birth to my third child not even a week ago and I love nursing him. But, I want to be able for our son to bond with his daddy, too. This bottle would allow me to switch back and forth from bottle to breast with no side effects. Don’t we all just want what is best for our babies?

  9. morgan montgomery Says:

    I want to use the Adiri nurser because it is a healthy way to welcome my baby-to-be and a great way to get my breast milk to my baby without contamination. It is earth friendly and also a great way to allow others to share the closeness of feeding the baby while I get some rest. I am excited that I found your product.

  10. Amber Says:

    Recently my 5 month old decided she would go on a hunger strike while I went to work for 12 hours and my husband stayed home with her and the other 3 children. He tried stored breast milk from different days in different bottles with different nipples-nothing did the trick, they just didn’t feel like mom. I store in glass- so why would I then transfer the precious fluid to a BPA container, nonsense. Some bottles even smell of plastic-yuck, not for this baby. This Adiri Natural nurser is perfect in both ways!

  11. Danielle Ledezma Says:

    I love that these are great for the transition from breast to bottel. With my first baby we had such a hard time that we gave up on bottels. This bottel is so unique I love it!

  12. Simone Reilly Says:

    What a discovery! We will soon be traveling and intro of a bottle I only reluctantly do. But this bottle is my choice when I cannot breastfeed. I cannot wait to try this bottle. I just ordered one. By the way, I love this website. I wish I would have known this site before my first baby was born.

  13. Caylan Wagar Says:

    From the time I discovered that I was pregnant with my first I became a research fanatic. I wanted the purest, most organic, and safest everything for my sweet Nalia Rain. Now, as a doula, I am constantly reeducating myself on new levels of green living in order to educate mothers about what’s potentially harmful and what is beneficial for their little ones. I am a firm believer in the benefits of breast-feeding. I can remember, oh so well, the feedings every two hours and feeling like a milking cow. So needless to say, I am also a firm believer in pumping, giving myself a break and others the chance to bond with baby. Finding a product that uses doctors, mothers, and lactation consultants in order to create a bottle that functions as closely to mother nature intended is a product that I will stand behind and happily use for my babies yet to come (one of which I am impatiently waiting for the end of this month to find out if he/she is coming.)
    I look forward to using your products, whether or not the first batch comes for free 🙂

  14. Jennifer Foreman Says:

    I choose the Adiri Nurser because I want the very best for my baby!

  15. lynnp Says:

    This is the best bottle I’ve seen by far (and I’m on baby #4!). I’m excited to find this for when Daddy and I want to get some alone time and leave the nursing baby with someone for a little longer than two hours. Wow! I’m so excited to have found this bottle. Thanks!

  16. Jinii Says:

    I would choose these bottle for my baby to be because they are both safe and stylish. And I like that they are polycarbonate free which is safer for my baby!

  17. Amanda Says:

    These are the best baby bottles I have seen yet. Although I plan to breastfeed, I know that it won’t always be possible (plus it will give dad a good chance to bond with the baby) and these bottles look like the closest thing to natural I have seen. I am constantly on the lookout for BPA-free products for the baby, which makes this product even better. BPA-free and the closest thing to the breast, why would I buy anything else?

  18. Katia Urrunaga Says:

    I like it!! because this is my 2nd baby and I’m going to breastfeet my baby and I think that this bottles are very similar to the breast and safer than other bottles

  19. Jennie Says:

    I’m about to be a new mama and am on the lookout to find a great organic bottle for my husband to use, so he can bond with our little lady.
    Love the Design!!

  20. Jennifer Wilson Says:

    We are having TWINS! And with both of my older girls i breastfeed and I was able to pump and have my husband bond with our baby over her bottle.   We loved Avent for that, but with twins we wanted to find the right type of bottle to make sure that they can both still breastfeed and try not to have nipple confusion. I would like to breastfeed as long as possible and give the babies a great shot. But to be realistic sometimes it could be hard to feed together. so knowing my husband loves to help is wonderful.  We are looking forward to our twins!
    Wilson family


    they look like wonderful bottles that my baby will love.. i want to be a GREEN mommy!

  22. Melissa Says:

    I’ve never seen a bottle like this. It looks like it would be most like mom. I’d love to see how my baby likes these.

  23. Naomi Says:

    Our first little one is about to have her first birthday and we are happily expecting another sproutlet this fall. I breastfed our daughter but somehow missed the opportunity to introduce her to a bottle in the early months! (I didn’t understand why I would need to when I intended to breastfeed her! Well…after a few months of middle-of-the-night feedings, I understood why!) So with this next little one I still hope to breastfeed but we will most certainly be introducing a bottle so that Dad and others will be able to share in the marvelous experience of feeding these hungry little creatures.

    In my investigation into this business of bottles, I have been quite delighted with what I have learned regarding the Adiri Natural Nursers. They are simple, lovely, and fabulously BPA-free. I love the stream-lined look and very practical shape, and they seem to me to be a good choice all around.

    Thanks very much for the opportunity and your blog.

  24. Jennifer Lammers Says:

    I am on baby #2 and I plan on nursing longer than 4 months. It looks most like a women’s breast and I am really interested in trying them out. With my first one I nursed and I used Dr. Browns botttle which worked well but I’m excited about this new bottle.

  25. Christy Says:

    It has been 6 long years since I have done this! When I saw the Adiri Natural Nursers on your website, I got very excited! It is very difficult to find a manufacturer who truly cares about the natural feeling of bottles for breast feeding babies. It is so important that there be no confusion for baby in the case that mom can’t be there or needs a break. I think these bottles are exactly what we are going to use for our new bundle (#3) when it arrives in October!

  26. Denese Says:

    We are currently pregnant with our first child – YEAH!! – And we are so excited to do all the right things especially when it comes to his/her health. I have been reading about all the toxins in the plastic and it is one sigh of relief that I can breathe knowing that the Adiri Natural Nurser is BPA free! Further more, they look fantastic! I wish I could check it out in person. Anyone knows if they sell in local stores? I am getting some whether or not I win. 🙂

  27. jimena Says:

    i think these bottles sound great! I’m expecting my second baby any day now and was looking for an alternative to the “regular” bottles out there. when i returned to work after having my first baby, it was very difficult for her to switch over to the bottle after being only breast-fed. my hope is that these bottles being so close to the brest will be an easier transition. i was also impressed by how safe they are and how they keep babies from swallowing too much air while eating! overall, they seem perfect and i would love to try them!
    thanks so much for this opportunity!

  28. Stephanie Murphy Says:

    The Natural Nurser Ultimate Bottles are perfect for any mom. They are not only the newest trendiest bottle on the market, but they are easy for mom and baby to use. They are easy to clean and not as complicated as those other more expensive bottles. If you ask me they are the perfect fit for any mom and baby.

  29. Sandra Jones Says:

    Besides being beautifully designed, I love the idea of making sure everything that touches my new baby is non-toxic! It’s something so easy for those of us who are trying to become more “green” with baby steps!

  30. Laura Says:

    I am a research junkie. I’ll admit it. I’ve come to terms with it. This is my third baby to be (due May 1st) and I spent many hours at my computer trying to figure out which bottles would be best for this little girl. My two boys are older and I was unaware of all of the risks associated with the “mainstream” bottles during their infancy. Now that I am in the know, I chose the Adiri bottles. I already purchased two of them, but of course, will need more. I would love to win this!!!!

  31. Brittany Says:

    I love the Design of the Adiri Bottle. It is about time! I cant wait for my little one to get here so i can use one. It is Ideal for the moms that have to go back to work and have to face the choice of bottle or nursing. Well, with this bottle you dont have to choose because the similarity to the Breast. AWESOME!!!!!!!

  32. Joan Says:

    I was worried about transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle when I returned to work. I researched various bottles and decided to purchase the stage 1 bottle. It has been so easy to use!! It’s about time to move up to a faster flow bottle so I love to win this set.

  33. Chihiro Says:

    Would love to see if my new little girl will take to this bottle. Her big sister loved the breast but no bottle was similar enough for her to accept.

  34. christina Says:

    I would choose the Adiri Natural Nurser for my baby because right now I am breastfeeding and I’m having no luck getting my daughter to take a bottle. I have tried many different kinds of bottles but none seem to suit her. The look and description of the Adiri bottle seems like it would work in getting my daughter to take a bottle.

  35. Jessica Says:

    I would choose the Adiri Natural Nurser because it is BPA free and a good bottle for my son, when he is at daycare.

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