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I FINALLY got My Beco! February 26, 2008

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Woohoo!  This January I finally got my hands on a Beco Baby Carrier.  I waited until the new Butterfly version came out, because I loved the idea of the inner sleeve.  The butterfly version was released this January so I’ve been using mine for over a month.  I LOVE it and use it ALL THE TIME!!!  It’s so easy to put Liam in the carrier and so easy to swing it around to my back.  The inner sleeve makes the whole process so worry-free.  In fact, I can even put him in the carseat while he’s still in the carrier.  That may not be is not recommended by experts, but it’s nice when we’re just moving the car to another parking spot.

I use my Beco at all sorts of places: at farmer’s markets where uneven surfaces mean that a stroller just wouldn’t work; at the mall when I’m shopping with my 3-year-old daughter so that I can hold her hand; when I’m shopping for myself without my daughter… with Liam on my back it’s almost like I’m shopping alone.  Almost.  In fact, I use my carrier and find that I prefer it for so many occasions that I now see why some women don’t even use a stroller.  I haven’t sold my stroller yet, but the thought has ocurred to me!  

If you haven’t yet tried a good, comfortable baby carrier, you should!  Of course, I recommend the Beco butterfly!!!



2 Responses to “I FINALLY got My Beco!”

  1. Erin Says:

    ok, now I want a Beco carrier even more!!!

  2. TBI Says:

    I never used a stroller for my 2 boys!

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