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5 Tips for Easy Cloth Diapering February 21, 2008

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So, you want to use cloth diapers but you’re intimidated by the necessary care, especially the “yuck” factor!?!  Here are some tips and tricks for cloth diapering with ease:

  1. Choose the Right Diaper!  I know, I know, that’s obvious.  But, really, having the right diaper makes all the difference on the changing table from putting the diaper on quickly to avoiding messy leaks and blow outs.  Of course, I recommend BumGenius One-Size diapers.  There’s a reason why they’re the ONLY diaper we sell at Euphoria.
  2. Arm yourself with a Diaper Sprayer!  Want to put some distance between yourself and a poopy diaper?  There’s nothing that makes cloth diapering as easy as using a diaper sprayer.  Take care of business in a way that’s quick, clean, and anti-yuck.  Just be sure to keep it away from your preschooler.  Water fight, anyone?
  3. Use Diaper Liners!  Diaper liners are little rectangular pieces of fabric that you place between baby’s bottom and the inside of the diaper.  They are made of disposable, biodegradeable papers or washable fleece, silk, etc.  Diaper liners mean you can use your favorite diaper cream without staining your diapers.  They also make it easy to plop poop into the toilet even without a diaper sprayer.  You can make yours out of any fleece fabric – just cut to size, no sewing necessary.  I used my son’s old dinosaur pj’s (the zipper was broken so they were pretty useless) to make cute liners in minutes.
  4. Get enough Diapers!  Don’t waste precious brain power wondering if you have enough diapers for the day.  Get enough so that you can wash every other day and get on with life.  Leave one clean diaper in the diaper bag and in your car, so you always have a back-up.  18 diapers will do it for most babies.
  5. Use your Washer as your Diaper Pail!  Stay with me here… Why dirty a diaper pail when those diapers are going into the washer anyways?  Put dirty duds straight into the washer or fill up an extra large wetbag that you empty into the washer each night.  The wetbag goes right in with the diapers.  So easy.  Just push a button when it’s time to wash.  Plus, you can do a cold water rinse anytime to deal with a really dirty diaper or zap a stink issue. 

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