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Foods to Give Up While Pregnant December 4, 2007

Filed under: Pregnancy — Rachel @ 2:46 pm

Oh the sacrifices we make to bring those sweet little bundles into the world!  Here’s a quick list of foods to avoid while pregnant to protect the health of your developing baby:

  • Sushi – raw meat and raw fish are completely off limits
  • Oysters – raw shellfish is a no-no
  • Rare meat – allows dangerous bacteria to survive
  • Pate – all types (even vegetable) can contain Listeria bacteria
  • Refrigrated smoked seafood – say goodbye to lox and whitefish
  • Deli sandwiches – deli meat would have to be heated to 165 degrees F to be safe
  • Soft cheese – No feta, blue, brie, etc, even if they’re pasteurized
  • Raw or undercooked eggs -found in key lime pie, hollandaise sauce, chocolate mousse…  Be suspicious of bakery creams
  • Peanuts – some food allergists believe that eating peanuts while pregnant increases the chance of your baby developing a dangerous peanut allergy.  Other nuts are fine. 

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