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BPA-Free Beyond Bottles November 20, 2007

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By now most of us have heard about the dangers of BPA emitting plastics used to make baby bottles.  And judging from the massive popularity of BPA-free bottles from Born-free, Adiri, and more, this is a topic that we’re all taking seriously.  BUT, have you started to wonder about other plastic products your child uses frequently?

The other day a customer who purchased the Adiri Natural Nurser bottle from Euphoria asked me if we have a BPA-free sippy cup.  Ohhh…. what about sippy cups!?!  It’s a logical progression.  If you don’t want BPA emitting polycarbonate plastics in baby bottles, why tolerate them in sippy cups?  The latest research shows that BPA’s are released during normal use, NOT just when the plastic is heated, making sippy cups a legitimate concern.

Since we LOVE the Adiri bottles, I asked Adiri first.  Unfortunately, they have no plans to launch a sippy cup.  A little research led me to discover this cool, modern option: the Safe Sippy Cup.  It’s BPA-free, well thought out, and it looks cool (which is very important to a two-year-old, right?).  You can browse their site at  We’ll be getting our first shipment in at Euphoria in a few weeks.  We’re accepting preorders now :).  Other BPA-free sippy cups include:  Avent Magic cup (which I can’t recommend – it always leaks on us), Muchkin Cupsicle, Born Free Toddler Cup, and First Years Take n Toss products.

But, wait a minute, what about pacifiers!  I mean they suck on the darn things for heaven’s sake!  Turns out that all pacifiers that have a hard plastic backing are made of BPA emitting plastics.  There goes my Avents and Mams!  Pacifier manufactures point out that baby doesn’t suck on the plastic backing, but my baby certainly handles it a lot and for many babies, their pacifier is their favorite teething toy.  Why take a chance when there are other safe, afordable options available at your local grocery store or Babies R Us?  BPA-free pacis include: Soothies, Gerber Nuks, and Playtex Binky.


One Response to “BPA-Free Beyond Bottles”

  1. gwen Says:

    the klean kanteen also makes a sippy cup version that seems to have a lot of great reviews in the blogging world. here’s a link if you’re interested:

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