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If ONLY we had Bought that Carrier! November 5, 2007

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This Halloween my husband and I had another “If ONLY” moment!  We were out with our 3-year-old enjoying a Fall Festival.  The crowds, small spaces, and need for speed (just try to hold back a 3-year-old on Halloween!) negated the idea of using a stroller, so we were forced to carry around our heavy baby boy – again!  “If ONLY we had bought a Beco Baby Carrier!”, I found myself lamenting again.  A Beco Baby Carrier ( is the ultimate baby carrier.  It’s so comfortable, it feels like you’re not carrying a thing.  I had to “model” one for our website and I was completely shocked by how comfortable it was to carry my older child on my back.  Plus, they come in so many different prints – it’s hard to choose a favorite!    

         More Cute Becos!         As a Front-Pack                

Our son is 9 months old, and I can’t count the number of times we’ve wished we splurged on that carrier!  We had a Bjorn left over from our first baby.  We didn’t use it much with her, so I didn’t anticipate using it much for my son.  Well, as I found out, you can’t stay at home as much when you have a toddler in addition to baby and many places we go aren’t stroller friendly.  You just don’t anticipate them as much: the fair, the park, special events, toddler birthday parties, etc.  Plus, how many times have I tried to juggle pushing a stroller, holding my little girl’s hand, and carrying bulky shopping bags?  A back-pack carrier would have been just the thing!  I always tell myself, “But he’s already x months old.  I won’t have many more opportunites to use it…”  What a crock!  I need to just give in and get one!  Oh, as I was saying, we do have a Bjorn.  I used that front carrier the first few months.  Before long it was hurting my back and he didn’t seem very comfortable either.  A back carry is the most ergonomic option.  It enables you to carry a child much longer, while maintaining proper posture.  The Beco Baby Carrier is also designed to be used as a sling, front carrier, and hip carrier, so it really works for everything.  Plus, in the Beco, baby is sitting in the carrier, rather than hanging from the carrier.  This is much more comfortable for baby and encourages proper spinal development.   Well, we don’t have one yet.  Our little boy is our last baby, so it’s hard to swallow the expense.  Maybe for Christmas?  All you mamas with new babies or who plan to have more babies, get yours now.  You’ll be loving it!        








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